Tip No. 3 Nicki’s way off shading on grey

Time for showing my way of shading on grey tiles!

I already showed it to some people back in November at the Tanglemania 2017 🙂


What do I use?

Just this four things:

– a fine liner, it doesn’t matter which one, just take one which you prefer and normally would use

– Posca fine point white

– Faber Castell Polychromos Paynes Grey

– Prismacolor Premier White

And of course some grey paper!

In this case some card paper in grey. It’s a bit thicker but has a not to smooth surface. It takes some time to get used to it.

Of course feel free to play around with other kinds of pencils till you find the one which satisfies you 🙂

Nicki shading


Let’s start!

At first, we need some linework.

In this case, I used the pattern: DoubleCore, Flux, and Tipple.

Nicki Shading

Faber Castell Payne grey


I start with some really light shading from the outside of the pattern to the inside with the Faber Castell Polychromos Paynes Grey.

Try to color from darker at the edges to lighter towards the middle. And definitely leave a part of the paper uncolored.

Grey 2


Start now to shade a bit darker. Like before: darker at the edges and lighter towards the middle.

Nicki Shading


Let’s take the white Prismacolor Premier.

Prismacolor premier white


I fill up the space between the grey shading, use a bit pressure to get enough white on the paper.

It looks smoother when also mixing a bit with the grey.

Nicki Shading


Shading the rest of the patterns with the grey pencil again. Normally I would do all the grey parts first, but I wanted to show the steps better.

Nicki Shading

Nicki Shading


Now I use the white and grey pencil till I am satisfied with the outcome and contrast.

Nicki Shading


It’s time for some more highlights!

I use the Posca fine point white and make some little lines or dots where I want to have more drama in the highlights.

Posca fine point white


Some more on the whole drawing 🙂

Nicki Shading

Nicki Shading

More shading with grey to get more depth.

Nicki Shading


And here is the finished drawing 🙂

Of course, this technique is not just restricted to grey paper and grey pencils.

Actually, you can do it also with other colors and also other color pencils.

Just try which colors look nice with it.

Keep in mind: Work with layers as the outcome will be a lot more intense that way 🙂

Shading Artwork Nicole Dreyer

Copyright : Nicole Dreyer


I hope you enjoyed it and will give it a try too!







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