Tip No. 2 – The Cuttlelola dot pen

Hi there 🙂

I am not only an artist but also love to experiment with different kind of ‘toys’! (yes you can call it addicted to new supplies, haha)

This time it’s the Cutlelola dot pen, which is perfect when you love stippling.

Of course, you can make dots by yourself with a simple pen, but my hand/arm tend to start hurting after a while.

That’s the reason that I looked into this nice toy 🙂

As you can see it comes in 3 different colors plus the basic black one. Packed in a nice metal box it is easy to store and looks nice too.

The pen is electric and can be charged with a cable which is included. It’s a simple USB cable, so you can hook it up to your computer or like I mostly do: to an accu charger.

It can also be used without the cable which makes it more comfortable. I haven’t tested yet how long the battery will last when not connected via USB.

The pen lays nice in your hand and is not too heavy. (around 40 gram)

Cuttlelola 1

This is how the inside parts look. You can easily change the gel refills, but it would be fun to just have like 4 pens itself 😉

Cuttlelola 2    Cuttlelola 6

Okay, time to show you how this will look. I made a little drawing with my fine liner ready to be shaded with the dot pen.

This is just one way how you can use the dot pen. Of course, you could also start drawing directly with the pen itself!

Cuttlelola 3

To begin with, I used the first ‘program’ of the dot pen, meaning I pushed the red button one time and it started with the slow movement for dotting.

Cuttlelola 4

Let me show you a little video which I made so that you can also hear the pen. It’s quite loud but not annoying 🙂 At least not for me, I kind of find it hypnotizing!

The slow ‘program’ helps you to not lose control and not to go too dark, also if you just need a bit dotting.

The second ‘program’ (press button quickly twice) goes a lot faster and makes you able to go darker.

It takes some time to get the right feeling and speed on which you will have to move your hand. Basically, you don’t need to use any pressure of your hand.

Cuttlelola 5

Before getting an electric dot pen I would suggest to start with a normal fine liner and see if you like the stippling effect. It’s for sure a nice variation of normal shading.


Here are some samples 🙂

DotJoker I did the outlines with a pencil and then traced and shaded this Dot Joker with the DotPen


Flowers Ukkepuk Some shading was done with the DotPen

Kipje Shading combined with watercolors


I hope you enjoyed reading about this pen 🙂




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