How to create a pattern – Part 13: Creating a step-out for a grid-based pattern

When creating a step-out for a grid-based pattern, it is important to pick the right grid size to show repetition.

Repeating one block

On patterns where only one block is repeated, you can use a 2×2 grid. I find it even clearer when the pattern step-out is drawn on a 3×3 grid.

In the example below, I am using a pattern that requires a grid drawn in pencil (green lines). Start by filling each block on the grid.

Repeating 1 block

Repeating two blocks

Below is an example demonstrating how to show repetition of a pattern consisting of 2 blocks:

Repeating 2 blocks

Repeating 2×2 grid

When drawing the step-out for a pattern that repeats a 2×2 grid, the pattern needs to be shown by repeating the block 4 times. Use a 4×4 grid!

Repeating 2x2 grid

Repeating a 3×3 grid

Always show the repetition by doubling the grid size. Repeating a pattern that uses a 3×3 grid, use the template that has a 6×6 grid. This would NOT be the right template to draw a pattern that only has a 2×2 grid repeating pattern!

Repeating 3x3 grid

When you draw your own grid, please ensure that each block on your grid measures at least 1/2 inch (1cm). Draw as large as possible and scale up the nib size of your pen accordingly. A pen with an 0,3-0,5 nib is a good choice!

Ensure you picked the right template! Use the template with the green blocks for patterns that require the grid to be erased. The template with the solid black lines is for patterns that require the grid to be a visible part of the pattern. You need to trace the grid with your pen! Just like you would draw the pattern on your artwork! You won’t have a pre-printed grid on the artwork either!

3x3 grid pen 3x3 grid pencil

I prepared a .pdf file containing templates ranging from a 3×3 grid all the way to a 6×6 grid. If you cannot print the template in color, please trace Step 1 in green on all patterns based on a grid drawn in pencil!

Square Grid Pattern Submission

PDF Download Grid Pattern Submission

More detail on which grid to choose can be found here:

How to create a pattern – Part 14: Which grid to choose



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