How to connect to

Here is a quick rundown of how to connect to

The first time you visit the site, you need to open a user account. This is totally free and gives you access to basic CPT Techniques, Base Patterns, and Templates. When you sign up, ensure you give the correct email address. The system will immediately send you a message (if you can’t find the email, check your SPAM folder). Clicking the link in the email will activate your account.

To gain access to the Premium Membership sections, you need to subscribe. We have various options: monthly, 6-months, or annual membership.

The membership grants you access to all sections – including the link to the LIVE sessions.

  1. Click to subscribe
  2. The latest news (new patterns and announcements) can be found here.
  3. Click to see the current code required to connect to the LIVE sessions.

To join the LIVE session, click the blue bar. Click on the link. If you have not installed the ZOOM app, you will be prompted to install it. It is really straight forward.

When you join for the first time, arrive 15 minutes before the session begins. This way we can guide you through the options without disrupting the actual session. Please don’t arrive late. We start on time and it’s not fun to repeat the beginning over and over again.

It is optional to connect with video and microphone!


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