Hex Grid Templates

Hi Pattern Designers.

To make it easier to submit patterns based on a hexagonal grid, I created a bunch of templates for you to use.

Please ensure that you are using the correct template for your pattern! Of course, you are welcome to draw your own hex grid and submit the pattern on a blank sheet as well. As long as it is clear to the tangler how to draw each step!

The first template is for patterns that require a solid outline of the grid.

You need to trace over the lines with your pen! It would not look tangled if you had preprinted lines! To download the template, click the image to open it in full-screen mode, then right click and select “Save image as”.

Hex Grid Template - Solid

If your pattern is based on a grid drawn in pencil, use this template:

Hex Grid - Pencil

Here is the template for the Hex Triangle Grid drawn in pen. Please do not forget to trace over the lines – including the red lines with your red pen!

Hex Triangle Grid - Solid

This template is for a Hex Triangle Grid Pattern that requires the grid to be drawn in pencil.

Hex Triangle Grid - Pencil

And finally, a template where the grid is drawn in pencil, but the triangles are drawn in pen.

Hex Triangle Grid - Mix

I hope you have as much fun creating patterns based on a hexagonal grid as I do 🙂



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