Vision of CPT

I can see be the No 1 website for tanglers.

The benefits of CPT are clear:

  • practicing CPT will help to bring balance to the brain.
  • entering the zone and experiencing flow allows people to forget pain, anxiety, and depression. Problems disappear for a while. Everyone needs a short break every day – a mini-holiday.

Enabling tanglers to spread CPT and bring all these benefits to their own community is my goal.

This website will provide all the information and material that is required by CPT coaches.

At the same time, it is a place where coaches and students can connect with each other. Holding classes is one thing, keeping in touch with students is another. Each coach will have their own Group to exchange artwork, tips, and tricks. A community within the large setup.

I can see coaches holding weekly or bi-weekly classes to groups of people. In order to stay connected with their students, coaches will have their own private corner where they can exchange artwork and provide their students with feedback. They can use this group to post their own challenges and templates.

The chat facility also helps coaches to have group chats with their students. And students can chat with each other as well.

Furthermore, CPT coaches can join the Coach Support Group and exchange information with each other.

A map feature will be installed. This allows people to find a local coach.

The online CPT for Beginners course is a way to attract more people to the website. In turn, this will bring more students to each coach. The online course is kept very basic. And yes, I could just offer all classes online. But that is not the idea. I cannot do everything myself. And I definitely cannot give hundreds of people the same attention they deserve. My job is to teach the teachers, provide and maintain the platform; the website.

Online classes, similar to the CPT for Beginners Course will be made available to CPT Coaches only! In these classes, I show the coaches what to teach and how to teach.

On the agenda:

  • The basic grid journey
  • An in-depth explanation of each CPT technique
  • Shading
  • Tangling in color
  • Advanced CPT Techniques
  • Advanced CPT Blocks
  • Advanced CPT Components
  • How to hold a class on
    • Creative Mehndi Tangling
    • Creative Tribal Tangling
    • Creative Glamour Tangling

Yes, I could create the classes in such a way that any tangler could join. But I won’t! I am one person that can only do so much. I cannot travel the world and be everywhere to hold classes in person. And this aspect is so important. People need to have a local community and make new friends – in person!

But I do want to travel once a month to hold seminars and meet existing coaches. In 2020 I am pretty busy setting up the system. But I am already traveling to Thailand to hold a full week seminar in April. And then there is Las Vegas in October. Seminars are restricted to 20 members. This way I can build a relationship with each participant. This is important as I also want to make new friends 🙂

I have also learned that CPT coaches need more guidance – where to locate students, how much to charge for a class etc. Well, there is a lot of teaching I need to do LOL

We will also set up a distribution network for CPT cards, CPT blocks, and other teaching material to save on postal charges. Worksheets and other documentation will be provided in such a way that a coach can go to the local printing store and have copies made.

As a CPT coach, you are expected to use this material. High-quality teaching material is important. Printing the cards yourself is not an option! The CPT logo on business cards etc can not be modified in any way. It is the trademark that defines Creative Pattern Tangling.

Online classes held by other CPT coaches:

Yes, we will offer the facility for online classes on the website. There are certain rules, however. The number of students that can enroll is restricted. Once this group of students has completed the online class, new students can enroll again. This is not a mass-market! Online classes are not a priority! The main focus is and stays at holding classes in person! To build a personal relationship with each student. We are building a community!

I am sorry that I have to ask all coaches to take out the Premium Membership on the website. It is only US$3 a month if you select the annual membership. I have to cover the cost somehow. The investment I made is US$1900 by now and I have monthly recurring charges that need to be paid for as well. Everyone can afford to pay for this!

If you want to start teaching, complete the CPT Beginners Course. At the end of the course, you will get the opportunity to indicate that you want to become a certified coach (I know, some of you are already certified). Once you select this option, you will get the option to order CPT cards. I had so many enrolments, but hardly anybody pursuit the option to teach! So .. yes, you have to buy the cards!

With each set of cards, you will receive a coupon code for a 3-month subscription to the website. This code you can pass on to your students when they sign up for your course. So, if you order 5 sets of cards, you get 5 coupon codes for free access to the website. You also receive the full lesson plan and printable .pdf files with worksheets and additional information to pass on to your students.

You will be registered in the CPT Coach support group.

And as Forrest Gump would say “and that is all I have to say about that”.


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