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Due to heavy traffic, the website had to be upgraded to a commercial site. Unfortunately I am unable to pay the monthly fees myself. Instead of asking for donations, I have created a .pdf featuring the Tangle Game! The cost to download is US$ 3 only. Click the link below to join the tangle fun while simultaneously supporting this website! We accept payment via PayPal.
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When I came up with the idea to create a .pdf booklet instead of asking straight for donations, my first thought was to create some kind of tangle manual. And I am sure, that’s what you expected too! After pondering over this for a while, I concluded that this would be pretty boring. Many of you are seasoned tanglers. What would you do with a document like this? Nah, there must be a better option. That’s when I had the idea to turn this into a game … and I liked this option a lot better 🙂 My next step was to get as many pattern designers involved as possible. After all, the website is for the community by the community. Within a day I had permission from over 50 artists to include their pattern in this project.

The Tangle Game consists of 21 strings/tasks/challenges and includes step-outs for 24 patterns. You determine which string/pattern combination to use by rolling a dice. Here are some samples of beautiful artwork that was created by playing the Tangle Game:

by Ana Sego
By Ana Sego
by Jane Nichols
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