Steampunk Tangling – Part 5

Steampunk Week


I am amazed at the progress everyone is making. If cannot keep up, don’t worry. Take your time – it is a lot to learn!

Today we talk about shading. I guess everyone is fairly familiar with pencil shading. It is soft and subtle. Steampunk tangling, however, allows us to shade a bit more boldly. Let’s take this big step and venture into the world of “aggressive shading”.

My favorite technique is hatching and cross-hatching. Depending on how close together you flick those lines, various degrees of shade can be achieved.

I found this video interesting (just turn the sound off!)

You don’t necessarily have to shade this way with pen – it works just as well in pencil!

Right now I am adding a TON of new patterns to the site.  Check out Each pattern is sorted nicely into the various categories.

Looking forward to seeing your “aggressive shading” pieces!

Until tomorrow – tangle on 🙂


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