Steampunk Tangling – Part 3

Steampunk Week


Theresa Beebe, Lila Holter, Simona Cordara, and Carlos Cano allowed me to showcase the following patterns today:


Corz is a fantastic pattern to use for dividing sections.  I got so sidetracked playing with this pattern today, that I am really far behind with my schedule! The original step-out created by Theresa last year looks quite different. The result is the same though. I like to draw patterns in waves. Using the step-out for Corz made it look all weird. Then I realized that the important part with this pattern is NOT the orb, rather the shape created by the auras around the orb. So, I had to redo those steps. Corz 2 makes it really easy to apply the pattern to any shape. You concentrate on Step 1 and 2 – then fill the gaps with the orb and take it from there.

The next fun pattern to use between string lines is Hooks by Simona.

Hooks by Simona Cordara

You can embellish this pattern with Nuts & Bolts or simple dots.

The third pattern I introduce today is Mozza by Lila. She created this step-out back in 2013, but I have never seen it applied by anyone. What a shame! Just look what I did with it!

Mozza by Lila Holter

As you can imagine, the plan for today was that you practice these pattern dividers. Check back, because I will be adding more during the course of the day. Use a simple string drawn in pencil and draw these patterns right over the string line. Remember, a string is not a border, only a guide! And hey, if you don’t like the pencil line, erase it! I won’t tell if you won’t tell ..haha..

The final pattern to be introduced was sent to me by Carlos last night. He made the effort to create something just for this Steampunk tangling week. Thanks so much, Carlos! Here is Barullo – fresh out of his pen!

Barullo by Carlos Cano

On our Steampunk page you now find a 3rd section featuring ribbon style patterns.

I will be adding more patterns, machine parts, and ribbons shortly.

Let some steam off till tomorrow 🙂       —–>this way to Part 4



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