Steampunk Tangling – Part 1

Steampunk Week

Today we will introduce you to different types of gears and other mechanical objects. These items play an important role when creating Steampunk tangles!

Plating: I want to show you a simple way to turn ANY string ready for steampunk tangling

String turned steampunk String turned steampunk

By adding a few simple dots and some screws I turned an ordinary string into something that suggest Steampunk straight away. It is the same effect that produce the pattern Steampunk Flower.

Here is a selection of different screws, nuts and bolts:

Nuts and Bolts by Ina Sonnenmoser

Gears are another commonly use item used in Steampunk tangling.

Steampunk Mandala by Ina Sonnenmoser

Here is a selection of step-outs for gears:

Triangear by Sandra Strait Steam Gear by Ina Sonnenmoser  Geared by Sandra StraitGear Flower by Sandra Strait

And finally we prepared step-outs for adding hinges and rollers:

Roller by Sandra Strait Hinge by Sandra Strait

Incorporating these into your artwork will already give a Steampunk feel to your tangling!

All these patterns can be found collected under

Steampunk Tangling - Machine Parts


For the next 7 days we will add new subjects, patterns and artwork to our Steampunk section. I hope you have fun joining us on this journey!

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