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How to register an account on

The first time you connect to the website, you need to create an account.

  • Click on ‘Create an Account’.


  • Complete the fields.
  • Ensure that you enter your email address correctly. A confirmation email will be sent to the address provided here. It will also be the email you use when signing into the page!
  • The password should be a combination of letters, numbers, and to make it extra secure, add a sign like !@#$%^&*(
  • Complete all the other fields. The Nickname is used when you are being tagged in a comment. For example: you could tag me by adding @ina in comments or messages because my nickname is set to “ina”
  • Once done, click on “Create Account”.

The following page will pop up on your screen:

Now open your email program. Within a minute you should receive an email with the subject: [Creative Pattern Tangling] Activate your account. Please also check your Spam folder if the email does not appear in your inbox!

  • Click the link!

This will open a window in your browser. The Activation Key is automatically added.

  • Click on “Activate”

After you clicked on this button, the following page will pop up:

And now you can Log in.

From now on you will be able to enter your email address and password to log in to the website.

Enter the email address and password you used when registering your account.

See you on



PS: Some members have reported that they get a screen similar to this when trying to Log In:

The webserver ‘thinks’ that the site is being hacked due to the sudden increase in traffic. It prevents robots from entering the website. It turns out that if you wait 5 minutes and try again, this screen will not appear. A support ticket has been opened and I am waiting for a solution to remedy this security feature. On the one hand, this is annoying, on the other hand, it shows that the security of the website is working!

Should you still experience problems, please comment below!

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