Practice makes perfect – Circles

Happy weekend fellow tanglers!

Instead of posting an artist focus I decided to introduce something new: Practice pages!

Pattern-Collections is supporting all kinds of meditative drawing. While some methods insist that it does not matter if the shapes you draw are perfect, the method of ‘Creative Pattern Tangling’ puts emphasis on the fact that the tangler wants to see an improvement in linework over a period of time. Practicing each shape will produce amazing results within a few days! Repeating the same shape over and over is very relaxing, and you build up muscle memory.
How does muscle memory work?
When kids learn to tie shoelaces, they struggle the first few times. They are clumsy and don’t know how to move their fingers to tie a knot. After practicing the movement, they are soon able to tie shoelaces blindfolded. It is the same when drawing shapes. Practicing 5-10 minutes every day for a week will enable you to draw the shape with your eyes closed – simply by triggering the muscle memory.

Let’s get started with the first shape this week: Circles

Practice Sheet – Circle

  • Print a few copies of this sheet.
  • Take a deep breath and SLOWLY trace the shapes. Concentrate on the beginning and ending point – overlap slightly, lifting the pen gently off the paper. And please do not cramp up; keep a light grip on your pen, applying hardly any pressure.
  • Once you get to the end of the preprinted shapes, continue drawing the shape all the way to the end of the line.

We will practice different sizes of each shape. When it comes to circles, try different starting points AND also practice drawing clockwise and anti-clockwise.


Remember: Practice makes perfect! Why shouldn’t we try to get better?

Please feel free to post your practice pages in our Facebook group. I will gladly answer any questions and share more hints and tips when I see your pages.



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