Kim Aarts

Kim Aarts about herself:

Hi you guys,

Thanks for looking at my patterns here at Pattern-Collections.

Well…I’m Kim and I live with my husband and lovely dog Tess in the Netherlands.

As long as I can remember, I love to be creative. As a little girl I was always making drawings and other creative things. Later in my profession as a Florist I could be creative as well.

A few year ago I started drawing more regular and found ©Zentangle. I love it! I love the process with the black & white and the shading.

And I love to create my own patterns. I-Leaf, Kochlea and Joki are the 3 patterns you can find here on the Pattern Collections website.

I also like to use colors in my drawings and then especially the zengems. 

As you can see here:

kim-aarts-gem-2 kim-aarts-gem-3

kirm-aarts-gem kim-aarts-gem-4

And I love to share my skills and hope people can learn from me.

So I made a video about how I make my zen gems. 

Have fun!

Gemmies by Kim Aarts i-leaf by Kim Aarts Joki by Kim Aarts Kochlea by Kim Aarts Tessie by Kim Aarts

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