Gaylene Miller


The idea of these ‘Zen Stones’ came to me whilst not feeling very inspired and have turned out to be a great Tangle tool.
Feel free to make them for yourself… I hope they help inspire you to get creative!

To make:
Paint the alphabet, numbers 0-9 and one with a swirl (or leave one blank) on glass stones – I used Posca paint pens
Note: you could also use wood, real stones or scrabble letters etc

How to use:
Place them in a bowl, box or anything suitable
Next, take some slow deep breaths and relax
Shuffle the stones and choose as many as you like,
but usually two or three and these will give the letter or number for the names of tangle patterns you can choose from the website.
If you choose the swirl/blank stone, this is the ‘wild’ stone and you can choose any tangle pattern you like.

Next, create your beautiful artwork… Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Please keep out of reach of children

Barbet by Gaylene Miller Chainey by Gaylene Miller Dotflow by Gaylene Miller Fayz by Gaylene Miller Fwirl by Gaylene Miller Heartfull by Gaylene Miller Heatwave by Gaylene Miller Reflektion by Gaylene Miller Sundrop by Gaylene Miller

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