Dorothy Allison

About Dorothy:

I am a retired Primary School Principal and teacher. I do have a blog on wordpress: Tied in Tangles, and I also have Pinterest board for my Tied in Tangles originals under my name. I haven’t published anything related to art, but I am a member of the online 100Mandalas Sharing Circle, and contribute to community project through that. I began tangling 4 years ago, just before I retired. As a school student I remember being told by an art teacher that I did not have talent or creativity. Discovering ZentangleĀ® online opened up the world of drawing to me, and has enriched my life beyond measure. I used to crochet, knit, do cake decorating along with embroidery, patchwork and quilting. I tangle for mindfulness and as an outlet for my need to be creative. Recently, following the death of my son by suicide, I created a Gratitude Journal of 37 mandalas in his favorite colour, blue – one for every year of his life. It was an amazing way to lead me through the grief process. I take it with me in my handbag, and also when travelling overseas or on our outback adventures here in Australia.

a-Meeba by Dorothy Allison AlAin by Dorothy Allison Buddy by Dorothy Allison Cupol by Dorothy Allison Curlique by Dorothy Allison Egyp by Dorothy Allison Illusion by Dorothy Allison Jester by Dorothy Allison Leafing by Dorothy Allison Onesie by Dorothy Allison Pentnep by Dorothy Allison Vin o' Vin by Dorothy Allison

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