Grid based patterns

25 by Veena Arun 2ku2ku by Chana Hera 3-Leaf-Mosaic by Sylvia Heijenrath 3D Blockd Screen by Ina Sonnenmoser 3E-Mills by Ellen Wolters 3Pair by Hennie Brouwer 4 Leaf by Tricia Long 4 Shelly by Donna Petry 4C Art-Deco by Sylvia Heijenrath 4C Rope by Ina Sonnenmoser 4C Ruiten by Nicole Dreyer 5 Fishies by Tricia Long8 in the Box by Ina Wünschmann 8 of Diamonds by Ina Sonnenmoser AD Base by Tricia Long Air by Shazia Airy by Divya Pandiyaraja Akira by Kasturi Das AlAin by Dorothy Allison Alegre by Carlos Cano All Boxed Up by Alice Hendon Almond Cluster by Tricia Long Amazing Spider by Hennie Brouwer Amy Base by Silke WagnerAmy Diamonds by Diana E Marshall Amy Doubled by Kasturi Das Amy by Shazia AndHOP by Ina Sonnenmoser Andora by Sharon Paz Arroy by Cecile Graat Arrullo by Carlos Cano Atrium by Dawn Collins Auwacka TOO by Dorte Seupel-Kor Auwacka by Dorte Seupel-Kor Aye Aye by Diana E. Marshall Baans by Ekta AgarwalBacksplash Duo by Sylvia Heijenrath Backsplash Flower by Carrie Leffel Backsplash ZigZag by Carrie Leffel Backsplash by Carrie Leffel Baewrap by Ina Sonnenmoser Bananana by Ina Sonnenmoser Base-Basement by Silke Wagner Basement by Ina Sonnenmoser Batamote by Diana E. Marshall Batiki by Sandy Hunter Bee Bee Squared by Karen Churchill Bee Stung by Kevin Brooke HudsonBells on grid by Nicole Dreyer Betwix'd by Cyndi Anderson Biddie by Lisa Jane Biddies Eggs by Lisa Jane Bir-Curl by Wendy Stieglitz Blombi by Kasturi Das Bloomin' Vace by Cindy Aldridge Blooming Petal by Maria Barbosa Boardgame by Ina Sonnenmoser Bobble Lines Petals by Sylvia Heijenrath Boxi by Smita Toke Brabs by Ellen WoltersBrain Filler by Diana E. Marshall Braize by Kasturi Das Bridge by YuRu ChenBroken Hearts Club by Anja Meeter Broken Hearts by Anja Meeter Brugge P by Hennie Brouwer and Wendy Stieglitz Buckled up! by Tomàs Padrós Bugle by YuRu Chen Bullite by Cindy Aldridge Butterfly Fluff by Theresa Beebe Buzy Bees by Eneida Morales Fletcher C Mirrow by Anja MeeterC-Stem by Agneta Landegren C-Wing by Staub Korn C-Wing revisited by Carlos Cano C-rendipity by Veena Arun Cadent Cadent Filled by Hennie Brouwer Cadent Variation by Samantha Mitterer Calvin by Ina Sonnenmoser Capeangel by YuRu Chen Carry Flower by Agneta Landegren Carry Leaf by Agneta Landegren Carry by Agneta LandegrenCasper by Cecile Graat Catnap by Cheryl Lees-Haley Caught by Christine Reyes Centre Square by Aleesha Sattva Chameleon by Theresa Beebe Charris by Lila Holter Checkerboard Base Pattern Chence by Ellen Wolters Clem by Erika Kehlet Cob-webbing by David Rae Cohetes 2 by Diana E. Marshall Cohetes by Diana E. MarshallCommas by Chrissy Whitney Corsetz by Lindy Clarkson Coulade by Miriam Gresnigt Crazy Cups by Kasturi Das Crossing Over by Anja Meeter Crossing by Hennie Brouwer Curly Square by Lisa Jane Curly Wurly by Anja Meeter CurlyWurly by Lisa Jane Cuteness by Smita Toke Dance of Life by Ellen Wolters Dash OFF by Chrissy WhitneyDawell by Karin Frank Dayz-E Fleur Garden by Donna Petry Dayz-E Fleur by Erika Kehlet Des-Ti-Ney by Sylvia Heijenrath Diamond Metal Plate by Ina Sonnenmoser Dice 2 by Ina Sonnenmoser Dimyx by Lily Moon Dirra by Elena Lebedeva Dot Grid by Elaine Benfatto Dotflow by Gaylene Miller Double Flip-Flap Grid by Staub Korn Downstream by Erika KehletDragon Eggz by Jane Nichols DropGrid by Ina Sonnenmoser Drower by Leaf Yeh Duc-Hez by Millie Galliher Duo Cadent by Jana Pechrová DuoLeaf by Sylvia Heijenrath DuoLeaf reverse Sylvia Heijenrath DuoLeaf twisted Sylvia Heijenrath Egyptian Line by Hennie Brouwer Eiffel by Linda Rea Eightangle by Anja MeeterEightflow by Anja Meeter Ellipse by Hennie Brouwer Elvira by Agneta Landegren Excros Crossed by Wendy Stieglitz Excros by Wendy Stieglitz Exeter by Sharon Paz F-Tyled by Ina Sonnenmoser Fa-La-La by Tricia Long Fat-X by Yu Ru Chen FeatherGrid by Ina Sonnenmoser FishEye by Cecile GraatFlag Box by Smita Toke Flash by Diana E. Marshall Fleuri FleuriTOO Flip Over by Hennie Brouwer Flip-Flap Overlap by Staub Korn Flip-Flap by Staub Korn Flip-Flap on grid 2.0 by Staub Korn Floral Lace by Ina Sonnenmoser Floral Rangoli by Kasturi Das Flower in the Box by Ina WünschmannFlower in the middle by Linda Rea Flower of Life Base Pattern Flyte by Sharon Paz Fohz by Chana Hera Four Petal Aura by Sylvia Heijenrath Foxy by Heike Gerlach Glace by Lila Holter Golanas 2 by Karin Klang-Meier Golanas by Karin Klang-Meier Grez by Carlos Cano Groovy Lino Too by Tricia Long Groovy Lino by Tricia LongH and I by Lila Holter Halensee by Dörte Seupel-Kör Hanky by Tasmin Rootman Heartland by Kasturi Das Hearty-Net by Smita Toke HenLi One by Hennie Brouwer HenLi Two by Lisa Jane Herz by Shazia HexaMix by Ina Sonnenmoser HiRise by Sandra Strait Hide and Seek by Kasturi Das Hinged Honeycomb by Theresa BeebeHip Hop by Kasturi Das Hollyday by Lila Holter Hollywood Crisscross by Theresa Beebe Hollywood Lines by Theresa Beebe Hollywood Squares by Theresa Beebe Hoot by Erika Kehlet Huddy Flower by Silke Wagner Hurray by Agneta Landegren Illusion by Dorothy Allison Im watching you by Chrissy Whitney In-N-Out Folded by Diana E. Marshall In-N-Out Well by Diana E. MarshallIndecifleur by Carlos Cano Infinity by Anja Meeter InterMingle by Ina Sonnenmoser Interwyned by Donna Stanchfield Ionic by Tricia Long Ironwork by Silke Wagner Islamic Vs by Hennie Brouwer Istanbul by Elaine Benfatto JI by Cynthia Kumala JayCee by Karen Churchill Jazz-e-Flower by Cyndi Anderson and Carla Szczuka Jess by Anja MeeterJonna by Sandra Hoffner K-Doubled by Brenda DeBock Karobo by Silke Wagner Kathy by Lila Holter Kebab by Tricia Long Kingslock by Silke Wagner Klaxx by Dörte Seupel-Kör Knicki by Dorte Seupel-Kor Knikkerbaan by Cecile Graat Kolam Crystal by Kasturi Das Korrimal by Lila Holter Kushee by Verena BossertKyalami by Anja Meeter Lark by Sandra Strait Lauscha by Tricia Long LeafGrid by Ina Sonnenmoser Lichen by Elaine Benfatto Lido by Dawn Collins Lisbon by Ina Sonnenmoser Log Cabin by Ina Sonnenmoser LoopDrop 1 by Sylvia Heijenrath LoopDrop 2 by Sylvia Heijenrath LoopDrop 3 by Sylvia HeijenrathLoopDrop by Sylvia Heijenrath Loopi-Nuts by Anja Meeter Lovy-Dovy by Shazia Lozela by Kasturi Das Lumine by Divya Pandiyaraja M-Twined by Ina Sonnenmoser Madeline by Lila Holter Maisies Sister by Hennie Brouwer Marguerite by Sharon Paz Mariposa by Sarah Tyler Merryweather by Sandy Hunter Mesmer by Ina SonnenmoserMiddleton by YuRu Chen Miep-Miep by Hennie Brouwer Mook-ish by Millie Galliher Mooka Grid Butterfly by Millie Galliher Mooka grid Pinwheel by Millie Galliher Mooka-grid Seed by Millie Galliher Mooned Zen by Ina Sonnenmoser Mosaic by Shazia Mt. Hope by Donna Petry Nin-Nio by Verena Bossert Nola by Jane Nichols Nymph by Melinda Barlow O2 OO-Africa by Ina Sonnenmoser Octa Swirl by Hennie Brouwer Octagon Tessellation by Ina Sonnenmoser Ogee Grid by Lila Holter Ogee Lips by Ina Sonnenmoser Ogee Ornament by Ina Sonnenmoser Oh My Ogee by Ina Sonnenmoser On Point by Crystal RobinsonOne - eyed by Cyndi Anderson One Way and Another by Diana E. Marshall Oonion by Ina Sonnenmoser Operation by Yu Ru Chen Orb Invasion by Ina Sonnenmoser Paragon by Ina Sonnenmoser Pickerpocker by Staub Korn Pindas by Nicole Dreyer Pinwheel Tessellation 2 by Agneta Landegren Pinwheel Tessellation 3 by Agneta Landegren Pinwheel Tessellation by Agneta LandegrenPlaited Lone Star by Diana E. Marshall Plaited Star by Diana E.Marshall Pod Box by Linda Rea Podling One by Bob Chernow Poly Nil bu Stacy Caraway Porter by Alice Hendon Pots by Chrissy Whitney Preston by Lila Holter Pursuit Curves by Silke Wagner Pythag Tiling by Diana E. MarshallPythag Tiling by Diana E. Marshall Quad-Elipse by Tricia Long Quoint by Wendy StieglitzR's Flipped by Sylvia Heijenrath R's Turned by Sylvia Heijenrath R's by Sylvia Heijenrath Ramz About by Davd Rae Ramz by David Rae Rango-Swirl by Kasturi Das Rangoli Cross by Kasturi DasRangoli Heart by Kasturi Das Read Me by Diana E. Marshall Relly-Telly-One by Karin Klang-Meier Relly-Telly-Two by Karin Klang-Meier Reversal by Kasturi Das Rhombie by Shazia Rick-a-Rack by Tricia Long Rosey by Smita Toke Round Wedge by Silke Wagner Round-Up by Hennie Brouwer Ryse by Sharon Paz Ryse-Orb by Sharon PazRüggi by Kathrin Güssow S-Wrap Flower by Hennie Brouwer S-cada by Lindy Clarkson Sandswirling Hearts by Hennie Brouwer Sanis by Sandra Hoffner Scalers by Nicole Dreyer Schilfertjes by Nicole Dreyer Scoville Grid by Staub Korn Sealed with Love by Lisa Jane Sextant by Suzanne Crisafi Shockle by Cindy Angiel Siena Warp by Melinda Barlow Simple Lines by Donna Petry Siri by Sandra Hoffner Skydive by Gerlinde Oosterom Sleutel by Dörte Seupel-Kör Sliders by Lila Holter Sneezeweed 2 by Staub Korn Sneezeweed by Staub Korn Spidey by Kevin Brooke Hudson Spike by Ina SonnenmoserSpike4Mike by Sabine Kurzke Spooled by Cindy Angiel Square Diamond by Amanda Rose Rambo Squeave by Wendy Stieglitz StarZ by Hennie Brouwer Starfish goes grid by Nicole Dreyer Step-Up by Ina Sonnenmoser Streuchel by Kathrin Güssow Stripy Diamonds by Anja Meeter Swirl'n'tie by Spring Swirly Notes by Hennie BrouwerT by Ina Sonnenmoser T-EXT by Anja Meeter T-Squares by AngieR T-Why by Agneta Landegren T-angle by Agneta Landegren Tactra by Anja Meeter TandeRoot by Ulima Dennhardt Tangle Brick by Mark Coakley Target by YuRu Chen Tendrils Flip by Lisa Jane Tendrils by Lisa Jane Tent by Dörte Seupel-KörTessa by Sandra Hoffner Tessie by Kim Aarts Three Angle by Agneta Landegren To The Point by Donna Petry Trapt 3 by Lila Holter Trellys by Debra Bryan Trellys-Two by Debra Bryan Tri-Cone by Cyndi Anderson Tri-Curl by Lisa Jane Tri-byrinth by Ina Sonnenmoser Triangles and Diamonds by Donna StanchfieldTriline by Anja Meeter Tunnels by Anja Meeter Twisted Corners by Alexandria Cortez Diaz TwoEyed by Karin Klang-Meier Ups and Downs by Anja Meeter Urns by Cheryl Lees-Haley V-Town by Lisa Jane V-Way by Anja Meeter Vaves by Ellen Wolters Venda by Anja Meeter Venetian by Elaine BenfattoVernice by Verena Bossert Vidalia by Verena Bossert VitrailTOO by Ina Sonnenmoser Volute Curl by Tricia Long W2 and Huggins W2-JAGS by Staub Korn Wagon Wheel by Anja Meeter Wallbucket by Sandra Strait Wavy Book by Anja Meeter Wavy Corner by Ellen Wolters WiFi by Jane Nichols Wire Basket by Sharon PazWisket by Sandra Strait Woven Y's by Hennie Brouwer X'd by Ina Sonnenmoser X-Periment Single Bevelled by Ina Sonnenmoser X-Periment by Ina Sonnenmoser X-Perope by Agneta Landegren X-Tee by Anja Meeter Xanadu by Dawn Collins Y Oh Y by Diana E. Marshall Y-Waves by Staub Korn Yin Yang by Anja Meeter Ytterbium by Ina SonnenmoserZ-boxing by Kasturi Das Zackig by Silke Wagner Zap by Anja Meeter Zaplings by Anja Meeter Zapper by Anja Meeter Zazu by Lisa Jane Ziamag by Dorte Seupel-Kor ZigZagZwirl by Sylvia Heijenrath Zigmat by Kasturi Das

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