Freeform Patterns

3-Arm-Loop around by Karin Frank 3-Arm-Loop by Karin Frank 4 Ring by Karin Frank 4 StarCoulade by Miriam Gresnigt 4-Bol by Carlos Cano 4Rosie by Melissa Sansom Android by Lindy Clarkson Angle Cycle by Elena Lebedeva Atomic by Ina Sonnenmoser Aurora by Sarah Harrison B'zar by Lindy Clarkson Baecube by Barbara Steyer Balldox by Karin Frank Barullo artwork by Carlos Cano Bela Loop Base by Sylvia Heijenrath Blath by Silke Wagner Bliss Echo by Kasturi Das Blissful Upturn by Nicole Dreyer Blissful by Nicole Dreyer Blumerant by Dorte Seupel-Kor Bracketsun by Miriam Gresnigt Bromi by Silke Wagner Bummel by Silke Wagner Bzar Base by Lindy Clarkson C-Wing Star by Staub Korn Cakewheel Base by Karin Frank Cakewheel by Karin Frank Caracole by Lily Moon Carnation by Kasturi Das Carved Lattice by Diana E. Marshall Chain-Explosion Katja (Cait) Haarmann Chainey by Gaylene Miller Chicken Feet by Erika Kehlet ChriMi by Angela Michalke Citrus flower by Lisa Jane Clef by Erika Kehlet Connect-C’s by Lindy Clarkson Copper by Lisa Jane Cupcake Flower by Dawn George Cupol by Dorothy Allison Curbed by Sandra Strait Curlys by Alena Light Curvy-S by Kasturi Das Cyme-Lok by Suzanne Crisafi Danza by Carlos Cano Dark Drops by Niklas Zeugner Derring Do by Cheryl Lees Haley Desther by Diana E. Marshall Devano's Star by Sylvia Heijenrath Dew Drops by Sandy Moore Diya by Nicole Dreyer Drehrum by Dörte Seupel-Kör Dunz by Bob Chernow Echo-S by Jo Flaherty Eleven by Diana Schaffer Embezzled by Jane Nichols Eternal by Kasturi Das Fajro by Simona Cordara Fayz by Gaylene Miller Feathering S-Curve by Ina Sonnenmoser Fenestro by Simona Cordara Feria by Carlos Cano Fidel by Dörte Seupel-Kör Fidelis by Dörte Seupel-KörFiesta by Lindy Clarkson Fine-Dings by Sandra Strait Firework by Shelby Lazaren Fireworks-Swirl by Katja (Cait) Haarmann Flam by Alena Light Flame_flower by Olga Barko Flips-C by YuRu Chen Flohmill by Karin Frank Florascroll Double by Lindy Clarkson Florascroll by Lindy Clarkson Florastella by Nina Flormeoba Rose by Melissa Sansom Four Hearts by Agenta Landegren Four of Hearts by Lisa Jane Fourdot by Cheryl Lees-Haley Frisbee by Lisa Jane Fun Cycle by Elena Lebedeva Funky Flyer by Anja Meeter Funky Town by Jennidee Mills Galaxy by Anja Meeter Geerandola by Simona CordaraGem-Brace by Sandra Strait Gradu-eight by Cheryl Lees-Haley Guinda by Carlos Cano Hamsix by Alena Light Hatpin by Dörte Seupel-Kör Heart-in by Karin Frank Heart-out by Karin Frank Heartswing by Karin Frank Heatwave by Gaylene Miller Heli by Shazia Hexiline by Kasturi Das Hinged by Theresa Beebe HoldUsTight by Ulima Dennhardt HoldUsTighter by Ulima Dennhardt Hoopla-Glee by Aishwarya Darbha Imbedded by Alena Light Ironwork Cs by Lila Holter Isometrics Cubes by Diana E. MarshallJess-Lyn by Sylvia Heijenrath Jester by Dorothy Allison Jiami by YuRu Chen Joki by Kim Aarts Kelch by Silke Wagner Kthu by Simona Cordara Kuki by Simona Cordara Ladyzabelle by Lila Holter Langtree by Millie Galliher Leafing by Dorothy Allison Leef-e-vin by Millie Galliher Lemma by Dörte Seupel-Kör Lenz by Dörte Seupel-Kör Lily Bridge by Erika Kehlet Lisana by Karin Frank Little One by Shazia Lobella by Nancy Robinson Logan's Lotus by Stacy Caraway Loop Fold by Dawn GeorgeLoop Screen by Alice Hendon Loopstr by Samantha Mitterer Love Lillies by Jessica Hudson Lupin by Alena Light Lutik by Alena Light Luup Kurl by Cheryl Lees-Haley Luup Ms by Cheryl Lees-Haley Luup Puffs by Cheryl Lees-Haley MaMoBae by Barbara Steyer Magnut by Susan Goodman Mañana by Dörte Seupel-Kör MeFlower by Smita Toke Membranart by Tomàs Padrós Mesq by Cheryl Lees-Haley Mikado by Silke Wagner Million Air by Staub Korn Minarets by Lindy Clarkson Momo by Veena Arun Monstera by Lila Holter Movement by Alena Light Muscari by Elaine BenfattoMystery Eggs by Tricia Long Nanni by Dorte Seupel-Kor Nautilus by Ina Sonnenmoser Nia Kay by Erika Kehlet Nicole's Ice Flakes Nirnroot by Spring O-curly by Christel Foncke OV-Shield by YuRu Chen Oh Well by Melinda Barlow Ornamental Fences by Sylvia Heijenrath Pax by Christine Reyes Pearlflow by Karin Frank Pearlpod by Lindy Clarkson Penmond by Karin Frank Pentnep by Dorothy Allison Petelz by Lindy Clarkson Phuds by Cindy Angiel Pineapple by Donna Petry Pouty by Maria Gor. Punk by Dorte Seupel-Kor Quanxi by Cindy Angiel Quirly by Dorte Seupel-Kor Rangoli Feel by Smita Toke Reencuentro by Carlos Cano Reva by Kasturi Das Roloflex by Pilar Pulido CZT Ropuz by Natalie Plechkova Roundabout by Dorte Seupel-Kor S-Vine Revisited by Ellen Wolters SXC-rolls by Yu Ru Chen Scallop by Lisa Jane Seaflo by Karin Frank Sher by Alena Light Snailway by Silke Wagner Snowballs by Anja Meeter So Vein by Lila Holter Soft Stacks by Cindy Angiel Sp'Ray by Debra Bryan Sp'Ray too by Debra Bryan Spicas by Alena Light Spikeball by Tricia Long Spinner by Nicole Dreyer Star Surround by Smita Toke Star-crossed by Lindy Clarkson Starfish-Barrel by Nicole Dreyer Starfish-Double Barrel by Nicole Dreyer Starfish-Flower by Nicole Dreyer Starfish-Too by Nicole Dreyer StarfishFlo by Cecile Graat StarfishLeaf by Cécile Graat Stargem by Lisa Wick McLean Starpillow by Nicole Steampunk Star by Tricia Long Strax TOO by Cheryl Lees Haley Strax by Cheryl Lees Haley Stuha by Jana Pechrová Suleika by Ina Wünschmann Sun Tile by Erika Kehlet Sundrop by Gaylene Miller SwanSong by Ina Sonnenmoser Teffel by Jane Nichols Threeknot Extended by Silke Wagner Threeknot Opened by Silke Wagner Toodles Flower Revisited by Tauriel Tolkin Trapt 4 by Lila Holter Treads by Donna Stanchfield Trespirales by Diana E. Marshall Tri-spin by Kasturi Das Triangle Ball by Nicole Dreyer Triangle Diamond by Amanda Rose Rambo Tribal by Lisa Jane Trieste by Lindy Clarkson Trigon_ar by Natalie Plechkova Trill by Erika Kehlet Triloop by Anja Meeter Trisade by Staub Korn Triskel Heart by Ina Sonnenmoser Tropflis by Dörte Seupel-Kör Tubular Bloom by Lisa Jane Versailles by Elaine Benfatto Violeta by Lila Holter Violetka by Lila Holter WayBop Revisited by Ellen Wolters Weavin'Fun by Ulima Dennhardt Wool by Anja Meeter X by Lila Holter Xs and Os by Donna Stanchfield Zap-Free by Anja Meeter Zipfern by Karin Frank

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