Orb Enhancements

Orb Enhancement by Ina Sonnenmoser

Here are a few simple tricks to make your circles stand out:

  1. To ad reflecting light, simply draw the shape you want to leave white. Concentrate on the inside area – you can always add another line of black, but you can’t make the white larger afterwards!
  2. Splitting the white area makes it look like a window reflection.
  3. If you add spotlights, ensure that you pick the same location on all the circles.
  4. Instead of drawing a straight line, flick your pen towards the white area. Again, you can always add more black lines, but you cannot enlarge the white area. Rather start with too much white and add more black if the highlight is too large.
  5. Parallel lines on the inside or outside add movement to your drawing.
  6. Shading with pencil is another commonly used method. Shading needs to be explored in depth on it’s own.
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