Steampunk Tangling

Steampunk Week

Steampunk tangling is fascinating and looks extremely difficult to master. Let’s change this presumption and show you how it’s done!

If you are wondering what we are rambling on about, do a quick search on Google for Steampunk Artwork and look at the images that pop up.

We, that is Sandra Strait, Alice Hendon and myself are going to add more information for a whole week on this subject.

There is a section on dedicated to patterns and strings related to this topic. And below you find artwork samples created by the 3 of us:

Steampunk Collage Alice HendonSteampunk Collage Sandra StraitSteampunk Collage Ina Sonnenmoser

By the end of the week YOU will create artwork just like this!

What do you associate with steampunk?

Industrial/mechanical items 

  • gears, rivets, hinges, and machine parts
  • chains
  • pipes


  • metal
    • brass, copper, steel
  • leather
  • wood
  • bricks


  • keys
  • compass
  • old guns
  • goggles
  • airship


  • tophat
  • corsets


  • black & white
  • browns/orange/yellow
  • teal
  • any color that reflects the materials mentioned above


Let’s begin our journey by introducing patterns containing industrial/mechanical items.

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