Patterns using Orbs/Circles

5C Paradox by Ina Sonnenmoser Achtern by Dorte Seupel-Kor Aim by Christine Reyes Beadled by Ina Sonnenmoser Beris by Alena Light Binial by Cindy Angiel Bottlecap by Ina Sonnenmoser Bouncie by Linda Rea ChriMi by Angela Michalke Circle Diamond by Amanda Rose Rambo Class-EE by Sandra Strait Clo-vah by Lindy Clarkson Corkin by Sandy Hunter CraterBall by Ina Sonnenmoser Craterball Extreme by Ina Sonnenmoser Culaz by Cheryl Lees-Haley Cycle by Elena Lebedeva D-Eye by Simona Cordara DoughNut by Shazia Emoball by Tomás Padròs Fan Blades by Tricia Long FestuneTOO by Ina Sonnenmoser Flowking by Karin Klang-Meier Frisbee by Lisa Jane Fun Cycle by Elena Lebedeva Gauge by Silke Wagner Gear Flower by Sandra Strait Geared by Sandra Strait Grapes by Ina Sonnenmoser Gypsy by Sarah Harrison Gyrate by Sarah Harrison Klokwork by Sandra Strait Kyoto by Elaine Benfatto Leafslide by Karin Frank Mangostin by Elena Lebedeva Mehndi Daisy by Ina SonnenmoserNexxus by Jeanne Burbage Nuts and Bolts by Ina Sonnenmoser Orb Invasion by Ina Sonnenmoser Orb-It by Ina Sonnenmoser Paradoxed Spiderweb by Ina Sonnenmoser Pearlpod by Lindy Clarkson Pursuit Circle by Silke Wagner Rounded Diamond by Ina Sonnenmoser Stargem by Lisa Wick McLean Steam Gear by Ina Sonnenmoser Suleika by Ina Wünschmann Sundrop by Gaylene Miller SwirlBall by Ina Sonnenmoser Teffel by Jane Nichols Tom-Cher-Ific by Tricia Long Triangear by Sandra Strait Trops by Erika Kehlet Tuckidle by Cindy Angiel U-Four by Nicole Dreyer Ur-Chen by Tricia Long Ventus by Natalie Plechkova Wooly Zenball by Ina Sonnenmoser Yindie by Hennie Brouwer

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