New patterns

Bir-Curl by Wendy Stieglitz

Airis by Alena Light

Curly Hexa by Sylvia Heijenrath

StarEight by Bob Chernow

Zanholli Too by Hennie Brouwer

Bireel by Wendy Stieglitz

Bireel Bots by Wendy Stieglitz

Bireel Flipped by Wendy Stieglitz

Bireel Jug by Wendy Stieglitz

Cuernos by Charo

Flip Over by Hennie Brouwer

Flip Around by Hennie Brouwer

Joy by Janis Silver

Squeave by Wendy Stieglitz

Reversed S-Row by AngieR

Flion by Wendy Stieglitz

Solar Gear by Beatrice Rusalim

Up and Down All Around by Donna Petry

RangoCup by Sylvia Heijenrath

RangoBee by Sylvia Heijenrath

Jantzi by Janis Silver

Petalach by Tonya Grant

Cosmic Lotus by Lisa Jane

Riverdance by Karen Churchill

Solace Round by Janis Silver

Supreme Lotus by Lisa Jane

Floozy by Wendy Stieglitz

HeartX by Barbara Watson

Spiart Cluster by Tonya Grant

WingDrops Round by Sylvia Heijenrath

WingSpiral by Sylvia Heijenrath

Up and Down Three by Donna Petry

Sail Star by Charo

Sail Expanded by Charo

WolkjesBloom by Nicole Dreyer

Tube-Roll by Kasturi Das

StarZ by Hennie Brouwer

Spiart by Tonya Grant

Ecks-H by Tonya Grant

Up and Down Too by Donna Petry

WingDrops by Sylvia Heijenrath

Flyz by Sandra Whalen

Peertje by Marti Elshout

TriDrops by Sylvia Heijenrath

Sail by Charo

Half Lotus by Lisa Jane

Solace by Janis Silver

6Heart by Wendy Stieglitz

Up and Down by Donna Petry

Podling One by Bob Chernow

Octa Swirl by Hennie Brouwer

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