Ina plays with patterns

Yes, a pattern has a step-out that you can follow to a T – that is pretty straight forward. What if you want to grow your creativity?


This document will give you a starting point to get playing with patterns!


Firstly, what can we do with an existing step-out?

Well, we can embellish the pattern.

  • adding an outer aura
  • adding an inner aura
  • add striping
  • add striping with highlights
  • fill with paradox
  • fill betweed style
  • fill with another pattern

We can change shapes:

  • Change a straight line
    • to a C
    • to a S
    • to a squiggle
    • replace with oooooo
    • dotted or dashed
  • Change an O
    • to an oval
    • to a dot
    • to a square
    • to a triangle
    • to an odd shape
  • Change a C
    • to S
    • to a straight line
    • replace with ooooo
    • dotted or dashed
  • Change corner points
    • to O
    • to square
    • to triangle
    • connect O’s cadent style
    • connect squares huggins style
  • Warp the pattern
  • Change the size (extremely small or extremely large)
  • Fade from large to small
  • Draw in a grid
  • Draw as a ribbon
  • Draw as a fill
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