Grid Journey – Part 4a – How to tangle a circular grid

Obviously it is not really that easy to tangle a circular grid. Here is a step by step guide, applying a simple pattern.

This is the circle we will be using in this exercise.

Circle dimension grid


You can see that we are working with a 4×4 grid. Let’s divide the circle into this grid.

Circle dimension grid 1

Now it’s a bit clearer where to add the lines for step 1.

Circle dimension grid 2

To make it easier, you should complete all steps on each 4×4 block. Block after block – if you try to Step 2 on all the blocks, you will get confused! For training purposes, I worked on four 4×4 blocks. Normally I would only do one 4×4 block completely before moving on to the next block!

Circle dimension grid 3

I left the areas white that reflect the sections that need to be filled with Step 4. It is important that draw the lines parallel to the diagonal line!

Circle dimension grid 4

And the final step – again, I left the areas that need to be filled, white. Make sure you draw parallels to the diagonal line!

Circle dimension grid 5

It is NOT easy and requires your full concentration. But the end result will be worth your while!

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