Grid Journey – Lesson 6

We are still stuck on these square grids.

What happens when your grid consists of different sized areas? Have a look at this pattern by Lila Holter:

Glace by Lila Holter

Do I need to say more? Doesn’t this open a whole new world?

And what happens when you combine 2 patterns into 1?


Some patterns would really got well together and create a new pattern just like that!

To open this new pattern-universe slowly to you, please pick 2 grid-based patterns. Take ONE block from the one pattern and ONE block from the other pattern. For example:

Alegre by Carlos CanoAlAin by Dorothy Allison


Amy by Shazia

Now you can start again applying the same principle used in Lesson 1 – instead of using only one block and play with combinations, use one block from the one pattern and one block from another. How do they look when combined?

Grid Template 1

Instead of the same block to do this exercise, you use one block for the pink A and another block for the blue A.

Is your head spinning just THINKING of the possibilities? Good! That should keep you very busy for a while!

Hugs! Have fun and please don’t forget to post your findings in our Facebook group!

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