Grid Journey – Lesson 5

You probably think that the square grid topic has been exhausted. Oh no – there is still so much more to grid-based patterns!

In Lesson 3 I mentioned the dot grid using the Flower of Life as an example:

Flower of Life Base Pattern

Today we will be exploring the dot grid in more detail.

Dot Grid Sample

Instead of drawing lines, you draw a dot where the lines would meet. To make it more interesting, you can replace the dot with a small or large circle, square, diamond shape, heart, star … endless possibilities!

A very good sample is the pattern Madeline by Lila Holter:

Madeline by Lila Holter

or Aurora by Sarah Harrison.

Aurora by Sarah Harrison

And of course Cadent!


Are you wondering what happens to a grid pattern when applied to a dot grid instead? There is only one way to find out! 🙂 Try! I prepared some practice sheets for you 🙂 Click on the image, then right-click and either print or save as.

Pattern-Collections Dot Grid Practice SheetPattern-Collections Dot Grid Practice Sheet grey

After you have played with the dot grid, it is time to explore the Alternate Dot Grid!

Alternate Dot Grid

Again, you can replace the dots with circles, diamonds, spirals … anything! A good pattern example is OO-Africa:

OO-Africa by Ina Sonnenmoser

You can use the same practice sheets and just add this one more dot in the middle!

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