Grid Journey – Lesson 4

Some of you have already been waiting for this .. others are still working on Lesson 2 or 3. DO NOT PANIC! The grid journey can be started at any time and you can take as much time as you need to complete it. It is much more important that you don’t skip a step. Especially lesson 1-3!

And don’t think you are not good enough to share your artwork. If you aren’t ready to share with the world, send me a friend request on Facebook and show me your progress in a private message. You would not be the only one taking that path!

Today we talk CIRCLES … yes – more fun! I have prepared multiple templates for you ready to tangle.

Circle Grid 1

Here is a link containing all the practice sheets. Choose from templates drawn in black lines and grey lines.

Again, patterns will be totally transformed by applying them in a circle. The practice sheets contain warped circles too 🙂

Enjoy while you can .. I prepare the next lesson in the meantime!


…. actually, I had to add step by step instructions how to fill a circular grid. Click here for more detailed help.

Click here for Lesson 5

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