Grid Journey – Lesson 2

Many of you begin to understand my obsession with grid-based patterns after completing Lesson 1 🙂 I promised that we will go really slow. So, today I want to begin to modify those grids only a little bit.

Patterns based on grids don’t always have to be drawn in a specific number of rows. Try using the block of the pattern in a ribbon format. 1 row, 2 rows, maybe 4 rows.

Grid Journey Ribbon Sample 1

One row can make a nice little border!

Grid Journey Ribbon Sample 2

Grid Journey Ribbon Sample 3

Arrullo gets a whole new look!

I have prepared a template for you with Single Ribbons and Double Ribbons. You might want to print and start a collection?

Pattern-Collections Single Ribbon Practice Sheet Grid Journey Double Ribbon Practice Sheet

This could get a bit boring though. Let’s take another step and look at warped grids! Of course, I prepared another practice sheet.

Grid Journey Warped Grid Practice Sheet

It does get a bit more involved now. You have the option to only warp the horizontal lines, or you take one step further and warp both, horizontal and vertical lines. Any straight line that is part of the pattern you choose, should now follow the path of the grid.

Click here for Lesson 3



Click here for Lesson 3


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