Grid Journey – Lesson 1

As explained in the introduction, when I see a grid-based pattern, I break it down into blocks or segments. Instead of applying the pattern into a 4×4 grid, I look at the individual block.

Fleuri on a 4x4 grid

The pattern Fleuri based on a 4×4 grid limits the pattern to only one variation.

Fleuri on a 4x4 Grid

It is pretty, yes … but I am always wondering what else I can do with this pattern. And that’s when I break it down into only 1 block! This is FleuriTOO:

FleuriTOO 1 Block

And below is just ONE possible option!

FleuriTOO 1 Block variation

What happens when you turn the block? Below you see a couple of possibilities demonstrated with a simple block containing the letter A. Each rotation has been marked in a different color.

Grid Template 1

Below you see one of my practice sheets. This is what I do with EVERY grid-based pattern to find out the true potential.

Grid Journey Template 4

To make the difference even clearer, I have colored the page.

Grid Journey Template 3

It is a good way to practice different shapes. I draw my grids freehand. Because of that, I get a lot of practice. After a while, your lines will be perfectly straight and evenly spaced. For those people, that prefer to have pre-drawn grids, I have prepared a template ready to be downloaded.

Grid Layout 1Grid Layout 2

Click the image – either the template with black lines or the template with grey lines. Then right-click and select “save as”. From your local PC, you can print the template. The templates are also available in the file section in our Facebook group!

Then go to the section that features the grid patterns and practice by applying the same principle to other patterns.

To practice the art of meditative drawing it is important that you fill each square with the same shape before moving on to the next shape. Turn the page if the drop is pointing in a different direction and fill all the squares that require the drop to be drawn in this direction. It’s all about repetition .. repeat one shape over and over again. In the case of Fleuri, you draw the single drop in all squares. Step 2 would be to draw the first aura in all squares. Finally, you draw the last aura.

FleuriTOO Practice Sample

And here is a very useful tip from Tricia Long: Draw the pattern on a 4×4 grid, then cut up the 16 pieces and rearrange them. This will open the options even more!

Please don’t jump ahead in the lessons. We WILL cover many more possibilities one by one. If you complete a practice sheet for a pattern, please share it with us in our Facebook group.

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