Grid Journey – Introduction

Today I would like to emphasize the power of grid patterns (again).

Looking at any grid-based pattern in the most common way – namely creating the pattern over a 4 square grid, you are limiting the possibilities drastically.

Let’s take Fleuri as an example:


Because the pattern step-out was created over a 4 square grid, it represents a flower in the center.

Now, look at FleuriTOO! The pattern is just ONE block that can now be repeated, rotated, and combined in many different ways.


The SAME pattern on a single square grid increases the options immensely!

I have to get back to my post from January 2016:

Defining a pattern

To make this even clearer, I have prepared the Grid Journey, which will guide you step by step through the process of making the grid work for YOU!

Here is the link to Lesson 1


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