How to submit a pattern

Requests to have patterns added to the site are already coming in. To speed up the process, I will add some simple guidelines.

I want the site to look more or less uniform. All patterns will be posted in the same standard format – the pretty pink frame 🙂

To get the artwork into this frame, it is important that each step is separated.

DO NOT do this:


Steps must be separated like this:


On a submission sheet it would look like this:


  • Any new step must be drawn in RED.
  • All you need to do is add the name of the pattern and your name. You can send artwork and the monotangle as a separate image if the space is not enough. Do not forget to sign your artwork !!!
  • Any blank piece of paper will do – however, I cannot accept grid paper. It looks UGLY ! Draw the grid yourself in pencil like you would when tangling the pattern. You don’t draw tangles on grid paper either, do you?
  • I do have a template for grid based patterns – you can use that. You find it in the files section on our Facebook group or scroll to the end of the page and save the image.



Uploading your step-outs:

  • The best way is to SCAN your paper at 300 dpi and send it to Nicole Dreyer by email (nicki @ Submitting it on Facebook will reduce the pixels down to 72dpi – producing lesser quality and grainy images.
  • If you don’t have a scanner, then take a photo in daylight!
  • And if all fails, contact me – we WILL get your pattern up! It may take time, but it will be awesome – guaranteed! I can be found here:


∞ Ina 

Scroll down to see blank submission sheet and grid pattern submission sheet. Right click and select “Save Image As”

Freeform Template

Grid Template

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