We have to differentiate between the copyright on patterns and copyright on the artwork.

Copyright on tangle patterns:

Copyright on patterns does not exist <fullstop>. Copyright on step-outs does not exist!
Every artist, however, owns the copyright on the actual artwork – the drawing – the piece of paper or digital copy.
Do not get confused with a trademark. The Coca-Cola writing is a trademark and protected by law.

Drawing a step-out for a pattern and giving it a name, does not mean the pattern belongs to you. The drawing itself is yours and you have the copyright on it. But anybody can draw their own step-out for the same pattern and claim it as their own artwork.  Any artist can use the step by step instructions to create artwork and use it personal or commercial purposes without the need to ask for permission. If you are a pattern designer, please do understand that pattern-collections cannot protect your pattern from being duplicated by someone.

Copyright on artwork:

The artist owns the copyright on the artwork. Artwork meaning – the actual drawing or digital copy thereof. Nobody is allowed to copy, redistribute or claim it their own without the permission of the artist. All participating artists have given the permission to display their artwork on the website. Even if their artwork needed to be modified to fit a specific layout, it is still their artwork. Should anyone want to copy or distribute for non-personal use, they need permission from the artist – not from the owner of the website.

Should any legal issues arise due to the display of the artwork, it is the copyright owners responsibility to take care of it.


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