This page contains step-outs that might trigger your creativity. Often the step-out is incomplete as the repetition has been omitted from the step by step instructions. Pattern Designers are encouraged to review patterns listed on this page.

AfriX by Ulima Dennhardt Akia Pods by Sharon Paz Ap-ix by Ina Wünschmann Asamblea by Carlos Cano Barrel-Kraaltje by Nicole Dreyer Beakley by Lindy Clarkson Beautyfly by Viktoriia Kamorina Beetle Loop by Nicole Dreyer Bela Loop Base by Sylvia Heijenrath Bela Loop by Smita Toke Boa-Xin by Leaf Yeh Bones by Katja Rudolph Bouncie by Linda Rea Boundary by YuRu Chen Bows by Divya Pandiyaraja Bowtye by Jo Flaherty Breach by YuRu Chen Brooch by Shazia Bump in the road by Linda Rea Candybread by Karin Frank Cardor by Yu Ru Chen Chaaru by Smita Toke Chaingem by Karin Frank Chank by Aishwarya Darbha CherryLoop by Verena Bossert Chicken Gods by Irina Shikalova Ciliate by Ina Sonnenmoser Conk by Alice Hendon Corkin by Sandy Hunter Coroline by Lila Holter Coy Fish by Suzanne Crisafi crabEye by Marina Dali crabFlame by Marina Dali CrazyEyes by Katja (Cait) Haarmann Crosshole by Simona Cordara Curlique by Dorothy AllisonCurlycrown by Kathrin Güssow Cygnet by Lisa Jane D-Eye by Simona Cordara Deco by Cat Gina Cole Deepy by Smita Toke Dem Bones by Erika Kehlet Double Beans by Karin Frank Double Cross by Cheryl Lees-Haley Double Pretzel by Lisa Jane DoubleCore by Nicole Dreyer Dragonfly by Sharon Paz Draq by Simona Cordara Dust-Devil by Debra Bryan Echosnake by Karin Frank Elfhat by YuRu Chen Elle by Cheryl Lees-Haley Emoball by Tomás Padròs Enait by Dörte Seupel-Kör Eyesi by Smita Toke Fairie Wings by Lila Holter Finney by Lindy Clarkson Fishi by Smita Toke FlaBlossy by Ulima DennhardtFlower funnel by Lisa Jane Flowking by Karin Klang-Meier Flu-Cones by Nicole Dreyer Fluffed by Ina Sonnenmoser fly Belle by Lisa Jane Flying Carpet by Dorte Seupel-Kor Flying-Lights by Aishwarya Darbha Fortuna by Simona Cordara Fountain Flower by Dawn George Frutizone by Smita Toke G-Chi by Suzanne Crisafi Greeka by Simona CordaraGroovy Flower by Katja Rudolph Heartgo by Karin Frank Hoofa by Lindy Clarkson Hook&Eye by Lisa Jane I am by Kris Christen Idea by Olga Barko Jawwa by Simona Cordara Ju by Ali Kalau by Katja Rudolph Kochlea by Kim Aarts Lacefly by Simona Cordara Lagotto by Lindy ClarksonLibella by Ulima Dennhardt Loop hat by Kasturi Das Loopity by Sandi Buchspics Lucky Charms by Sylvia Heijenrath LunaVíta by Ulima Dennhardt Mani by Shazia Mascherl by Dörte Seupel-Kör Medicus by Martina Hentschel Merle by Tasmin Rootman Moffola by Simona Cordara Mop-Heads by Suzanne Crisafi Mystique by SpringOWLO by Simona Cordara Odin by Sabine Kurzke Ohnedem by Dörte Seupel-Kör Ow-Lies by Lindy Clarkson Pendant by Lisa Jane Pharro by Debra Bryan Phil-agrees by Karri Pelikys PiCanta by Ulima Dennhardt Pole by Karin Frank Pretty by Smita TokePurParadrop by Ulima Dennhardt Quilty Feather by Heike Gerlach Rangoli Butterfly by Silke Wagner Ring-Flux by Nicole Dreyer RoMango by Smita Toke S Pots by Lila Holter S-And by Lindy Clarkson S-Pod by Alena Light Sakshi by Smita Toke Sbali by Alena Light Schil-DY by Sarah WinkelhogSchlupp by Silke Wagner Scroller by Ina Sonnenmoser Semoj by Simona Cordara Shallots by Erika Kehlet Singala by Simona Cordara Skarab by Alice Hendon Slope by Lisa Wick McLean CZT Smit by Smita Toke Smokey-V by SandraW Zia Snake Eggs by Nancy Robinson Sneil by Alena Light Snowcone by Linda Rea Sonara by Smita Toke Spady by Nicole Dreyer Spiky by Silke Wagner Spiroz by Smita TokeStrap by Silke Wagner Suwaki by Cheryl Lees-Haley Swaddle Flowering by Lila Holter Swaddle by Lila Holter Swish and Sway by Suzanne Crisafi Talon by Gloria A.Lenzen Thing in the middle of a thing by Linda Rea Ticky-Tacky by Tricia Long Tom-Cher-Ific by Tricia Long Trek by Lisa Wick McLean Tri-Angle by Simona Cordara Triflow by Karin Frank Trileg by Karin Frank Trilobyte by Nancy Robinson Tripod by Cheryl Lees-Haley Trompetje by Nicole Dreyer Tunneled by Linda Rea Tura Leaf by Samantha Mitterer Up in smoke by Linda ReaV-Palm by Cheryl Lees-Haley Verka by Katja Rudolph Wavy Grass by Sylvia Heijenrath Wayward 6 by YuRu Chen Wishbone by Theresa Beebe Wrap by Dorte Seupel-Kor Xelandra by Dörte Seupel-Kör YinShel by Alena Light Youie by Jennidee Mills Z-Line by Alena Light ZingZing by Marie Penzing Zinger Hats by Shazia Zwirr by Karin-Klang-Meier

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