By Framework we mean the underlying structure of a pattern. In the database we have the following selections:


  • Grid
    • Square Grid
    • Alternate Dot Grid
    • Diamond Grid
    • Dot Grid
    • Hex Grid
    • Oblique Grid
  • Circle/Orb
  • Expanding
  • Filler
  • Flower
  • Freeform
  • Fun – just for fun
  • Ribbon
  • ZigZag


To explain this in easy terms:

If the pattern is drawn on a grid – select either the square, dot etc.

Should the pattern contain a circle or orb, select Circle/Orb

If the pattern keeps growing – selected expanding. Usually this kind of pattern is also a filler pattern!

A filler pattern will be used to fill an area.

If the pattern represents a flower, select flower. Sometimes a flower pattern can also be listed under Circle/Orb

Everything that does not fit any other category will be a freeform pattern.

Fun – just for fun. Patterns representing something … for example: how to draw a cat etc.

Ribbon patterns are drawn on a line or restricted between 2 lines.

If the pattern has a ZigZag somewhere (Shattuck for example), it belongs here.

Patterns can be part of multiple sections! The purpose of selecting as many as possible is to enable people to identify a pattern. For example: You see a pattern and notice it has a ZigZag line in it – you expect to find it listed under the ZigZag patterns.

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