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  • Creative Pattern Tangling’s main focus is to create a balance in the brain – stimulating the right hemisphere, and activating the part of the brain that is responsible for creativity, imagination, awareness, emotion, and intuition.
  • Experiencing ‘flow’ enables the brain to produce neurochemicals including norepinephrine, dopamine, anandamide, serotonin, and endorphin. It results in the optimal state of consciousness; a state where we feel our best and perform our best.
  • The quality of the artwork improves over time as we train muscle memory by using practice sheets.
  • The lesson plan includes advanced topics such as composition, shading in black and white, applying color and using the color wheel, exploring specific styles in depth, and much more.
  • Students are encouraged to create displayable art.

Follow the free CPT Journey to find out what Creative Pattern Tangling is all about.

$1 will give you access to 2 eBooks – “Coaching Creative Pattern Tangling Vol.1” and the “Creative Pattern Tangling – Beginners Guide Vol.1 – Part 1
You also get access to our Facebook support group.

Please only apply if you are interested in TEACHING! You are required to communicate through Facebook. Once certified, you will be listed on the “List of certified CPT coaches“. We only accept applications from people willing to use their ‘real names’ on the list! You will be required to pass a test that needs to be completed within 2 weeks to get certified!

Please note: We are accepting 25 new applicants as of right now! (August, 3rd 2018) UPDATE: Sorry we are full at the moment. We will announce when it will be open again for new aplicants 🙂

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