Database updating


This is a quick introduction to updating the database on pattern-collections.

In the database we not only list patterns that have step-outs included on the site, but also patterns that are listed somewhere else. It is a collection of ALL patterns – however, we do NOT link to step-outs that are stored on other sites. Why? Because links expire and we don’t know what we are linking to. Every pattern designer is welcome to submit their step-outs to pattern-collections though.

Below you see the sample search box that we will be using, once the database is up to date:

As you can see, you can search by Framework, Shapes, Difficulty Level, and Zen-patterns.

Selecting any of the patterns, you will be presented with a result like this:

Here you can see the Pattern Designer, Framework, Shapes, Difficulty and Zen. If the pattern has artwork or a video allocated to it, it will also be shown.

A good example would be C-Wing. <—- click to open that search result.

What I really like about this new database is that you can select patterns by every criteria.

Clicking on Framework, will bring up the submenu – if you click on Filler for example, you will get presented with all Filler patterns.

However, this also means that when adding a new pattern, all this info must be included in order for the pattern to be displayed.

Below is the database so you can ‘play around’ with the different buttons.

Click here to get to

[wpv-view name=”search-box-for-patterns”]
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