Creating a Tangle Pattern Step-out: Lesson 2

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Good to see that you are back for more info 🙂 I was a bit worried that my ramblings might be boring!

Let me explain why I think you should try your best – and then a little bit better – when creating a step-out:

How many people look at your artwork? 10? 100? 500? You think that’s a lot?

How many people will look at your pattern step-out? A LOT MORE THAN 500!

Everyone is happy to spend a day on a simple tile to post on Facebook or their blog. But when it comes to pattern step-outs, some believe it can be done quickly. Yes, a step-out can be done quickly, but don’t expect your pattern to be used by other people often! And isn’t that what you want? Seeing the pattern you created used by others? I can tell you, it is a GOOD feeling! So let’s get to work making your pattern appealing to all the tanglers out there!

Be prepared to spend a few hours on your first step-out! Yes, HOURS!

As mentioned in Lesson 1, draw the pattern 5 times. You don’t have a pattern that you want to draw step-outs for? Okay, then let’s CREATE a pattern right here and now!

Pick a shape – any shape from the list:

Shapes used in Tangle Patterns

Begin by drawing this shape a couple of times. I picked the heart shape – there is always something to do with a heart 🙂 You can pick a circle, S-shape, Rice Corn, or a simple X if you like. It does not matter! Just draw that shape over and over again. This is your warm-up!

Part 1

And now we start ‘playing’ with that shape. Add an aura, fill, or another shape. I am going to do this in red to show better what I added to my ‘play-page’.

Part 2

Sometimes I fill an entire A4 page! Keep drawing until inspiration hits you 🙂 I was lucky this time! There is one option that immediately caught my eye.

Part 3

I like this! A nice shape (the heart) and lot’s of repetition (the arches).

Please do NOT throw your ‘play-page’ away. Actually I am usually do these drawings in a sketchbook. When I have the urge to create something new, I can just flip through the pages and wait for the inspiration to hit!

Next step is to take a new sheet and extend on this combination: heart and arches.

Add embellishments, fills, auras – anything that comes to mind. You should try at least 10 combinations – the more the better! If you are on a roll, continue.

No inspiration coming your way? No prob… walk away, have some chocolate, coffee, or pat a cat. Stick the page up on the wall and look at it from a distance. Still nothing? No prob … Leave the page on the wall and start another shape combination. One day you will suddenly ‘see’ something on that page. Believe me, you will!

To continue this lesson, you need to repeat the process until you come across a design that is appealing to you. Start with a different shape and repeat until you find a mix of shapes that works for you.

In my case, I am going with this option:

Part 4

I like auras – I like hearts – I like dots = perfect!

The next step is to create the step-by-step instructions.

The last hour or so you should have been drawing your selected shapes quite a few times. Look closely now! Is the shape even? In the example of the heart, I make sure that my starting and ending points meet – no gaps – no overlapping lines. If that is NOT the case, then you need to draw that shape until you perfected it. This exercise will not be bad for your overall tangling experience either!

You ‘drill sergeant teacher’ has prepared PRACTICE SHEETS – oh yes .. you have to practice, practice, and then practice some more! Below is  a list for a few shapes – download and print the sheets containing the shapes that require more practice. I promise, once you completed just one of those sheets, the selected shape will look 10x better when you draw it the next time!

Practice Sheet 1 - Circles Practice Sheet 1 - Hearts Practice Sheet 1 - S-Shapes Practice Sheet 1 - Shapes 2 Practice Sheet 1 - Spirals 2 Practice Sheet 1 - Spirals

Click the image – then select download or print!

Yes, we ARE practicing spirals and S-Shapes in BOTH directions! 🙂

Time to start your homework. Please post your ‘Play-Page’ and Practice Sheets in the group Expect some constructive criticism. There is only one way to learn! By getting honest feedback!

I work on Lesson 3 …. where we finally draw our first step-out!


PLEASE – do NOT pin or share the page. In order to succeed people need to be part of the Facebook group that will support the Lessons! 





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