How to create a pattern – Part 11: Circular Grid Patterns

It would be logical to apply your new ribbon pattern to a normal grid. Let’s be different! 🙂

No new tangler will grasp how to apply a ribbon pattern to a circular grid! To make life easier, I prepared 2 submission forms in .pdf format.

Circular Grid 8 Sections Template Circular Grid 12 Sections Template

Mandala-Rangoli Circular Pattern Submission 8 Sections

Mandala-Rangoli Circular Pattern Submission 12 Sections

Try and draw your pattern on one of these templates. You will be surprised what difference this can make to a pattern! Some patterns look so much more interesting when drawn on a circular grid. Let’s see how yours comes out!

Before you go through the process of drawing a step-out, do check the Mandala/Rangoli section on the website to ensure this pattern does not exist! You might also be inspired to design a completely different pattern in the templates! If you do not own a printer, draw the circular grid as shown on the templates on plain white paper.

Please post your play pages in the Facebook group.

You will have fun! 🙂



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