How to create a pattern

Lesson 1 - Creating a Tangle Pattern

Here is a list of common shapes used in pattern design:


Once you created your play page, number each entry as shown in the example created by Lisa Jane, then post it in our group:

Play Page Lisa Jane

Lisa created 4 new patterns on this page alone!

We will follow her progress!

Your task:
I encourage you to create a ribbon-style pattern:

  • Combine 2 shapes.
  • Play with different sizes and arrangements.
  • Use Auras to enhance the pattern.
  • Post the result in our Facebook group.

If you are unsure which 2 shapes to pick to create the ribbon, take a look at How to create a pattern – Part 6: Playing with Shapes continued.

Continue to How to create a pattern – Part 2: What is a base pattern and what is a child pattern

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