Creative Pattern Tangling Journey – Part 2

Creative Pattern Tangling
Welcome to the second post in a series of the Creative Pattern Tangling Journey.

Everyone’s brain is different. Personal circumstances have placed emphasis on some part of your brain. In some people, the right hemisphere of the brain is more developed than in others. And that is why for some tanglers following the CPT journey comes easy and for others, it is more difficult. The more you apply CPT, the more your creative side will grow.

I don’t want to bore you with another Grid Journey, which started when I began analyzing patterns back January 2016 on my personal blog before pattern-collections even existed.

Today we will explore shapes and how we can create our own patterns by using more techniques. The list of shapes used will probably grow even more as CPT develops.

Shapes used in CPT


Auras are created by adding parallel lines to any shape. It is a technique we use extensively in CPT.


We differentiate between outside aura (a parallel line drawn outside the shape) or an inside aura (a parallel line drawn inside a shape). To add a new twist, also try drawing irregular auras by relocating the center.



Feathering can be added to any shape.



Practice adding feathering to these other shapes:

Other shapes

Feathering can also be applied by varying the shape!

S shape echo

Begin feathering with straight lines, brackets, or even loops.

Echo play

Combining feathering with auras – my head starts spinning just thinking of all the possibilities! If you are new to tangling, stop here and come back to this option later!

Echo and aura combined

Your paper or journal should be full of great patterns that you created all by yourself! Let’s get started tangling a template 🙂

Draw the Lighthouse Template in your journal or cardstock. Feel free to modify the design in any way you like.

Then apply patterns to the various sections.

CPT Template Lighthouse CPT Template Lighthouse

And with this, I would like to conclude the second session. The Journey will continue next weekend!

Until then, tangle on and have fun!



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