CPT Technique: Line Weight

CPT Line Weight

Patterns can be enhanced by changing the line weight; the line thickness. Artists refer to this as the Hogarth’s Line of Beauty or the Universal Line of Beauty.

Below you see an example of a normal wave and how it can be changed by modifying the width of the line.

  1. Normal wave
  2. Changed the line weight in strategic places
  3. The result when changing line weight at different places in a pattern

CPT Line of Beauty

You can apply this to any shape and any pattern:

CPT Line Weight Examples

Look at the circles used for filling and compare No 1 and No 2:

CPT Artwork Example Line Weight

CPT Artwork Example by Ina Sonnenmoser


I found 2 videos on YouTube that explain Hogarth’s Line of Beauty or the Universal Line of Beauty:

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