CPT Technique: Aura

CPT Aura

Adding an aura to any shape can change a pattern completely.


We differentiate between an inside aura and an outside aura (see the first row).

Auras do not always have to be drawn at the same distance of the shape. An example is shown in the second row.

CPT Aura

See how you can transform the pattern Flower of Life by adding an inside or outside aura:

Flower of Life Aura

Below I added an aura inside the bumps and also to the inside of each shape of the paradox circle.

Paradox Rose Aura

Highlights can be added by drawing the inside aura with a white pen. Using dots to draw an aura around the design adds a delicate touch.

Paradox Rose Aura

Below is another example of how an inside aura can enhance a pattern:

CPT Inside Aura Example

Here is another example of an inside aura:

CPT Inside Aura

The same shape, this time I added an outside aura first with a solid line, and in the other example the aura was added using dotted lines:

CPT Outside Aura Example

As mentioned earlier, the Aura Technique can be applied to any shape as well as using dots or dashes.

CPT Aura Heart

Adding selectively multiple auras create the illusion of movement:

CPT Aura Movement

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