Adding a Pattern Designer

Before we can add a new pattern, we have to ensure that the pattern designer already exists in the database.

On the left you see various selections.

One of the selections is called ‘Designers’. Clicking on it will open a submenu that allows you to view “all items” or to “add new”. First we need to ensure that the Designer does not already exist. Click on “All items”.

On the right hand side you will see a Search Field. Type in the Designers name and press “Search Designers”. If a result comes up, you know that this designer has already been added.

If you see:

“No Desginers found”, then you need to ADD this new designer.

To do that, click on  located at the top of the screen.

You will now be presented with a new page that looks like this:

The Title will be the designers name. Below that you have a large empty box. This is where you can add additional information. For example a short description of the designer, links to blog or facebook pages. There is no limit to the amount of information that can be added.

For example: Below you see that I have added a short description and links to email, website and facebook for this designer.

Scrolling further down you come across the following:

You need to type in the Designers Name again, a link to an image (if you have one), link to blog/website/twitter (just one please) and select if the person is a teacher or not.

To add an image, click on ‘Select Image’

Click on ‘Upload Files’

Click Select Files – then select the image you want to upload.

To add the ‘teacher’ field, click on it to get the submenu:

We select CZT if the person is a Certified Zentangle Teacher, select Teacher if the person is teaching meditative drawing, or n/a if none of this is applicable.

Once this is done, click on

You have successfully added a new designer!

Now let’s add a new pattern. Click here to continue


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