Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Chel made another new pattern focus month for us and I hope you will enjoy it!

The website changed a bit, which you probably noticed. For now we don’t accept new patterns as life is getting in the way of Ina and me.

It might be that I will add ones in a while a new pattern but it will not have the highest priority. With so many patterns online it’s also not

easy to find really new ones 🙂




Here comes Chel: You can find the list also here: https://pattern-collections.com/pattern-focus/

I hope this finds all you healthy and full gratitude! I thought a fun way to start the year would be to pattern with the 4 basic elements of air, water, fire, and earth. All these elements have negative and positive attributes but let’s start the year thinking positive. If you would like to combine all these elements into one creation, one idea is to create a 4 Gates Mandala. You can find an example of a 4 Gates Mandala on Kathryn Costa’s True North website here. The 4 Gates Mandala took its inspiration from the Kalachakra Mandalas – a Google search will bring up images to be amazed at. Sending blessing to all for a wonderful 2021.


Air can express creativity, communicating, thinking and harmony.

Water can express dreaming, changing, flowing, strength and healing.

Fire can express vision, love, courage and energy.

Earth can express growth, stability, grounding, nourishment and intuition.


    1. Fairie Wings
    2. Dragonfly
    3. Fan Blades
    4. Atrium – thought of clouds or wind
    5. Owlo
    6. Kite
    7. Versailles


    1. Water Lily
    2. Seahorse
    3. Open Season Stacked – thought of waves
    4. JacobM
    5. Making Waves
    6. Elvis – (Emo)Fish – isn’t this a dreamy fish?
    7. Beadled – thought of raindrops or drops on the top of water


    1. Deepy
    2. Mysterious Heart
    3. Sundrop
    4. Fiesta
    5. Emoball – I always picture these as full of energy
    6. Sun Tile
    7. Heatwave


    1. Sunrize
    2. S-Vine Revisted
    3. Biddies Eggs – like bird eggs on a tree
    4. Dem Bones
    5. Bamboo
    6. Holdgem – isn’t amazing how the earth can create gemstones?
    7. MagzVine
    8. Quad-Elipse – so many possibilities with this pattern
    9. Anuleaf
    10. Backsplash Flower

Happy creating!!


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