Pattern in focus – December

Hello everyone 🙂

Here is the challenge for the last month of the year.

For many of us the year itself has been a great challenge and hopefully the drawing and little challenges on the website have been

able to distract you a bit!



This is what Chel made for us this month: You can find it also here:

Mandalas – There are many different kinds and meanings of a mandala but most can be summarized with the feeling of connection and wholeness. Mandalas look beautiful as an ornament for a tree or in any room.

Decorate the outer rim of a mandala for a wreath-like look. If you use them as a gift tag they can be part of the present.

I like to buy blank round coasters to use – the specific ones I have used are 4” round by Zezazu.

Here are 7 mandala type patterns but if you are wanting different ones – check out this section Mandala/Rangoli Pattern Collections.


    1. Imbali Roll
    2. Werwelas
    3. Petal-Rings
    4. FloroButton
    5. Triangle Loop Flower
    6. CreuHalf
    7. Yume

Trees – While trees have a Christmas association, they can also represent knowledge, growth and life. For most of us, it took learning, growth and finding a new way to live to make it in 2020. Do these patterns as individual patterns or combine them into a forest.

    1. See-Saw (this pattern reminds me of trees – just go with it! Lol!)
    2. ChrisTree
    3. Three-Three
    4. PeTree
    5. Crab6Tree
    6. Fractal Seedling
    7. Firli


Candles -Let’s all work together to shine our lights in a message of hope and unity. One fun way to add a new dimension to your art might be to add yellow for the flame or light. Some suggestions are colored pencil, torn tissue paper or paint. Here are some patterns that can represent candles or light.

    1. Candle Light
    2. Flamed Flower
    3. CrabFlame
    4. Flying Lights
    5. S’irin
    6. ChristmasLights
    7. Lightning bug (used as reminders to keep a childlike sense of wonder)

Stars – A shooting star can be seen as a sign of self-fulfillment, advancement in life and good luck. Wishing good luck to everyone this holiday season and into 2021. One thing I enjoy doing is covering a piece of origami paper in patterns and then using that paper to fold into an origami shape. You can find instructions on how to fold one online by searching Star Origami Easy in YouTube or Google.

    1. Sail Star
    2. Flora-Star
    3. Star Token
    4. Star
    5. Devano’s Star
    6. Looping Around
    7. 4 Star


Bells – In ancient times the sound bells made were used to ward off evil spirits. Later, the bells were used to announce any big moment, good or bad. Let’s ring in the new year and hope for a healthier, kinder world.
If you want to pattern on a bell, one idea is to make a flower pot bell. Supplies needed are pots with holes in the bottom – (I use 2 inch terra cotta pots), Sharpies and/or Paint, pack of jingle bells, string or ribbon. If you need exact instructions on assembly a Google search or YouTube search of “Terra Cotta Pot Bell Craft Ideas” will give all the information you need.

    1. Tubular Bells
    2. Jingles Row
    3. Jingles

Looking for more Christmas type patterns? Check out the Christmas Themes section at Pattern Collections.



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