May – The Tangled Alphabet Month

After a quick brainstorming session with Scrapping Chel, we came up with a theme for the month of May: The Alphabet Challenge

The Alphabet Challenge

I think it’s time to begin a new section in a journal!

Every day we have a daily pattern that begins with the letter of the alphabet.

The challenge is to hide the letter somewhere or somehow inside the artwork. This could be done by using the letter as a template, dividing sections of your cardstock, or you find other ways to hide the letter.

More experienced tanglers can also include other patterns that start with the same name.

And the super motivated will include multiple CPT Techniques.

Here is an example using the letter A:


CPT Template A - Example 1 CPT Template A - 2 CPT Template A - 3

Pick any of the templates or create your own. Draw the letter A in pencil on your cardstock and use the lines as guidelines to create artwork. Please note: The pencil lines are guidelines only – not a border that cannot be crossed! If we cannot find the hidden letter inside the artwork, it is not a mistake! Each day, create a template by drawing the corresponding letter of the alphabet that was picked for the day.

Example: the daily pattern focus for May, 1st is on Akoya by Sandy Hunter and the letter for today is A.

For beginners, there are a ton of videos included on the pattern pages that show exactly how to draw the pattern. I tried to include patterns that are suitable for beginners, and yet provide inspiration for experienced tanglers.

Motivated tanglers might include other patterns that start with the letter A – all patterns on pattern-collections are sorted by name. That makes it easy to pick another pattern.

Anyone practicing CPT, apply “What if …” – What if I change the circle to another shape … what if I add CPT Techniques like Aura, Folded, etc. You can even play around with this letter and create a new pattern altogether!

May 2020

Here is a suggestion for anyone with limited time: Create a collage and work on it over multiple days. A few minutes every day away from everything else will be good for you!

Have fun!



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