Pattern Focus: April 18-30

Last week we had a special day where we created Futurism Inspired Tangled Art. Well, what can I say? While drawing together with fellow tanglers in the CPT LIVE session, creativity was just coming out in leaps and bounds. I will definitely explore this topic further!

Due to the travel restrictions, the trip to Thailand that Nicole and I had planned for the upcoming week had to be postponed. Thanks to the internet we are able to offer a 2-day online seminar to the tanglers that had booked for this event. Saturday, 25th and Sunday, 26th we won’t be able to attend our regular CPT LIVE sessions. But I know that our little group will still connect and tangle together in the CPT LIVE channel on Zoom.

  • This Saturday at 8 pm CET (local time in Berlin, Germany) we will explore the Advanced Pattern Blocks further. Premium Members of can download the blocks and get ready for the session.
  • On Sunday, April 19, this session will be repeated at 10 am CET (local time in Berlin). This way tanglers from other timezones get the opportunity to join in too.
  • On Sunday at 8 pm CET, we will combine Pointillism with tangling. Stippling can be used to shade artwork, or … and that is even more exciting, we can tangle using dots only!

Here is an example:

Stippling Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser


Here are the daily patterns for the next 2 weeks. For more experienced tanglers, I added an additional challenge.

  • April 18 – Laflor by Elena Babayants
    • Additional Challenge: Overlap the flowers
  • April 19 – S-Blop by Ina Sonnenmoser
    • Additional Challenge: Stippling!
  • April 20 – ZigZagZwirl by Sylvia Heijenrath
    • Additional Challenge: Stippling in color
  • April 21 – JuJuBee by Spring
    • Additional Challenge: Spring Colors
  • April 22 – Riverdance in the Round by Karen Churchill
    • Additional Challenge: Shading by stippling
  • April 23 – StarEight by Bob Chernow
    • Additional Challenge: Explode!
  • April 24 – LaceFlower by YuRu Chen
    • Additional Challenge: Emphasis on shading
  • April 25 – Airis by Alena Light
    • Additional Challenge: Tangle in color
  • April 26 – Ghost Wrap by Ina Sonnenmoser
    • Additional Challenge: Tangle on a colored background
  • April 27 – Ondalina by Mimi XY
    • Additional Challenge: Seascape
  • April 28 – Woven Y’s by Hennie Brouwer
    • Additional Challenge: Who needs an additional challenge? LOL
  • April 29 – FlameBud by Lisa Jane
    • Additional Challenge: Pink
  • April 30 – Mysterious Heart by Nicole Dreyer
    • Additional Challenge: Make a card for a special person

Wishing you a great, creative weekend!

Ina & Nicole

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