Daily Pattern Focus – March 2020 – Theme: Underwater

This month we have a daily pattern focus all around the theme “Underwater”. Of course, there are more patterns that would be suited, but we don’t want to repeat a pattern that has been in the daily focus already. This time I kept the list in alphabetical order. Feel free to combine the patterns on any day during the course of the month.

Daily Pattern Focus – March 2020 – Theme: Underwater

During the LIVE CPT sessions, which are held regularly on Saturday at 1 pm CST, I will introduce a couple of new patterns! Drawing underwater scenes has been on my agenda for a long time already. And of course, I have been practicing!

Coral Reef Artwork by Ina Sonnenmoser

In order to cater to other timezones, this session will be repeated on Sunday, 8:30 am CST. The links can be found on cptangling.com (for Premium Members only).


See you there!



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