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Hi everyone.

I want to thank you for your generous donations! Since my call for help, $560 have been donated by 31 tanglers. It’s still far away from the $4800 that pattern-collections running costs has amounted till now though.

If everyone that visited the site once a week, just donated $1, our troubles would be over.

So I came to the conclusion that is just that: a collection of pattern step-outs. All write-ups (which are related to Creative Pattern Tangling anyway) will be posted on and are available for Premium Members.

Here is one little extract of what you can expect to find on cptangling:

Last week we had a LIVE session where we split floral patterns into CPT components. I introduced 9 flower centers and 15 petal shapes to the group. From these, you can create 135 flower patterns. That’s not enough though! If we now apply the various CPT Techniques, each CPT component grows exponentially. Take the 5 most basic CPT Techniques and apply them to the combination of flower center and flower petal, and you have 675 different flowers to choose from!

I played around with just one single shape today and quickly and effortlessly came up with 14 interesting results … anyone practicing Creative Pattern Tangling will be able to create another 50 after applying the “What if …” statement to this basic flower shape.

Creative Pattern Tangling - Primula Petals by Ina Sonnenmoser

On Saturday, February 29, we will offer 2 CPT LIVE sessions.

  • The first one starts at 8:30am CST (that is 3:30pm in Berlin). It is a repeat of last weeks ‘Introduction to CPT Floral Components’.
  • The second session begins at 1pm CST (that is 8pm in Berlin) and we move on to the topic of “Creative Silhouette Flower Tangling”.

To join the LIVE sessions, you need to be a Premium Member on and install the ZOOM app. You can then join either with video and audio, or just sit back and watch.
If you miss the LIVE session, a write-up will be posted a week later that covers the basics of whatever was introduced on Saturday.

And here are the new patterns posted this week:
Volute Wave by Ina Sonnenmoser

BlowBall by Ina Sonnenmoser

S-Blop by Ina Sonnenmoser

Lucky Hearts by Hennie Brouwer

FountainFlower by Ina Sonnenmoser

Whirligig by Ina Sonnenmoser

Happy tangling!

Ina & Nicole

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