pattern-collections needs your help!

Dear Tanglers. is in trouble!
Since 2016 I am financing the running of the website. At the end of last year, I did some calculations and found out that I had paid US$4800 on hosting and other services to maintain the site. Previously I published eBooks and used the funds to contribute to the cost. The income derived from the sale of the eBooks doesn’t even come close to covering the monthly expenses. I feel horrible having to ask for donations!

Before I continue, I need you to understand the difference between and These websites are completely independent of each other!

The purpose of the pattern-collections website is to provide step-by-step instructions to repeat patterns. It is a place where pattern designers can make their patterns available to the community. It is and should stay a free service., on the other hand, is indeed a business model. Over the course of the years, I have gained a deeper understanding of patterns. Following step-by-step instructions is just not enough for many tanglers. And the benefits of CPT are incredible (you can read more about it right here). That’s why I want to share the concept of CPT with the world. My goal is to have CPT coaches around the world spreading the concept. The CPT website accommodates coaches and creative pattern tanglers, giving them a platform to build an active community. The website has sections that are free to all. In order to grow and make the LIVE sessions, LIVE chats, forums, etc possible, I am asking for a subscription. And I am not going to make this a secret, I want to earn money from cptangling in order to finance my travels to spread the word of Creative Pattern Tangling. I cannot justify working every day without any benefits to myself. Again, I will be totally transparent. So far I have invested US$2500 in – but this has nothing to do with the US$4800 I paid to maintain pattern-collections! With all the additional features, cptangling is a lot more expensive to maintain. Portions of the income from subscriptions are allocated to the running cost of pattern-collections though.

In order to help recover some of the US$4800 for pattern-collections, I have installed a Donate button. You can choose from any of the default options, or enter any amount. Every dollar helps!

Support the website with your donation

You can also contribute by purchasing any of the eBooks!

The most benefit you get is by becoming a Premium Member of (you need to create an account to get free access to selected content, and then upgrade to the Premium Membership).

Some of the services installed on are used to raise additional funds for pattern-collections. For example: Ellen Wolters is hosting a LIVE training session this Sunday at 1pm CST. Ellen is donating the cost of US$ 3 directly to the pattern-collections fundraising.

Should this fundraising through donations not be enough, then pattern-collections will have to become a subscription site. In this case, any donation will be allocated to your account accordingly. But I truly hope that this won’t be necessary.

We are a community and together we can make this work!



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