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Happy Weekend everyone!

I am so very impressed by how many people are participating in our December Countdown Challenge! You made me look forward to my morning coffee. First thing in the morning I get to look at all the beautiful artwork that has been posted in the Facebook group. One tangle is prettier than the next and I am running out of expressions of appreciation. Amazing, wonderful, beautiful, stunning … time to add more words to my vocabulary ..haha..

Many of you are probably wondering why so little is happening on pattern-collections itself. Well, the members of the Facebook group are aware that I am working hard on getting a new website up and running. I requested quotes to have it configured and the cheapest option was quoted at US$7000. And the quickest would still take 3 months to complete. That is just the setting up, never mind adding content! Spending that kind of money and time is simply out of the question!

I decided to put my propeller hat on and struggle my way through. The big advantage is, I know how everything works, the customization is EXACTLY as I want it. Sometimes I feel like giving up – it can be so frustrating when something doesn’t work. It’s a good thing that ‘can’t do‘ is not part of my vocabulary!

The good news is, 3 weeks in, the skeleton is complete! A small group of people is already using the site. Stage 2 of testing will commence this weekend. And with some luck, I can present the new website nicely packaged as a Christmas present šŸ™‚

The website consists of multiple components:

  1. A free membership section.
  2. A Premium Membership section.
  3. And a CPT Coach section (yes, enrolments will open up!).

Just like on Facebook, you can participate in discussions, share your artwork, like and comment, send private messages to each other or chat with multiple people that are currently online. At the same time, you have direct access to all the CPT techniques.

Our coaches will have their own ‘Corners’ to support their students and share some hints and tips. Some get to share online classes too!

And the most exciting part is the Premium Membership section! My brain has overloaded once again and I came up with a whole new concept. This will change the way you look at patterns and open up a whole new world of tangling.

Once I introduced selected pattern designers to the concept, they have been really busy creating new patterns that all fall into this section. There is just no time left to prepare regular step-outs any longer. Sorry that I have hijacked the designers <grin>

We have more CPT Base Patterns, new CPT Techniques, and Advanced CPT Templates. Premium Members also have the opportunity to create a blog on the website!

Oops … I am rambling on ..haha.. But that’s because I am really excited and can’t wait to show you! And this is really part of the weekly news, isn’t it?

Back to the December Countdown Challenge!

Here is the list of the patterns coming up:

Daily Pattern Focus: December – End of Year Countdown!

    • Daily Pattern Focus: December 7 2019 – Se-Quential by Sandra Whalen
      • Prompt: Spike me up
    • Daily Pattern Focus: December 8 2019 – Quanxi by Cindy Angiel
      • Challenge: from small to large
    • Daily Pattern Focus: December 9 2019 – Four Hearts by Agneta Landegren
      • Prompt: Multiply
    • Daily Pattern Focus: December 10 2019 – Yula by Ekaterina Berzhnaya
      • Tangle with Ballpoint Pen
    • Daily Pattern Focus: December 11 2019 – Trespirales by Diana E. Marshall
      • Challenge: Create variations
    • Daily Pattern Focus: December 12 2019 – X’d by Ina Sonnenmoser
      • Prompt: Let it shine!
    • Daily Pattern Focus: December 13 2019 – Hinged by Theresa Beebe
      • Prompt: Metal
    • Daily Pattern Focus: December 14 2019 – Snowballs by Anja Meeter
      • Prompt: Green
    • Daily Pattern Focus: December 15 2019 – W2-Jags by Staub Korn
      • Challenge: Tangle in color

And yes, here is one new pattern posted last week:

Brugge P by Hennie Brouwer and Wendy Stieglitz

Ina & Nicole

4 thoughts on “News of the week

  • December 9, 2019 at 1:05 pm

    Good morning Ina!

    I like know if we have someone here in Brazil to help you with CPT in Portuguese.

    I dream with oportunity to learn to be a “teacher” here in my country, but you know: worker out, be house SEO and somethings that eat our time!

    I hope I can stay in focus with your new site, and by the WAY, Congratulations…

    I want visit you always…

    Thanks for your work and sharing!

    See you soon!!

    • December 10, 2019 at 9:45 am

      Hi Roseli.
      No, I don’t have anyone in Brazil as yet!
      Online CPT Coach classes will commence on the last weekend in December! Right now I am setting it all up on the new website, which will launch this weekend šŸ™‚

  • December 13, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Will be abandonned when the new website is online? Or will both website exsist alongside each other?

    • December 13, 2019 at 9:27 pm

      I would NEVER abandon pattern-collections! Right now I take the opportunity to learn a lot about advanced web design. You can’t really experiment on a live site. So pattern-collections will benefit from all that as well. And yes, both websites will complement each other and hopefully merged one day!


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